Anyone else experiencing USA ADATS missiles acting crazy again like last year?

So for me it appears that after this recent update, once again, the American ADATS (XM1069) is having that issue again with the missiles acting crazy just like last year.

The missiles are going crazy flying all over the place back and forth acting glitchy and when fired are acting like a Javelin top down hit, firing way up overhead and going way over the target, instead of flying directly at the target.

Last year after an update, just like this time, this happened as well and it took Gaijin forever to correct the problem. They acted as if nothing was wrong and said they were “working correctly”. This went on for a while and so many people were complaining and making bug reports, I guess they finally figured out we were right or they finally just decided to fix it.

Now the problem is back once again, for me it is.

Anyone else having this issue again? Please comment / like so they’ll know, and I’ll do a bug report as well.

Note : I play on Ps4 but this shouldn’t matter - problem was always game wide before.

that is server lag, missile is too fast for beam riding so so it glitches left and right and game reacts to it slowely due to ping and being away from servers

If so then how was it fixed for months after we complained, and now magically it’s back again?

There has been a lot of server issues lately with lagging and game keeps crashing for some of us daily. Are you saying it’s because of general server issues now? What about before and how did they fix it then for months?