Anyone else disappointed in the april fools event?

Was anyone else really excited for the april fools event, and when it finally came out… you were (or at least I was and some other people I have talked to) a little bit disappointed to find out it was a couple reskins and renames of vehicles… (The Bosvark - Boar (the translation for the word), the event is a massive grind it seems to unlock the cooler looking vehicles. it just feels like a worse version of Crossout (another game by Gaijin). I understand Gaijin put quite a bit of effort into this event, but I feel like it was lacking for such a hyped event.


Only wanted the 3d decorations, now I see how much of a grind it is to get them :(
At least let me buy them outright Gaijin


I’m not disappointed since I know 90% of gaijin events suck !

And for once no valuable rewards in this one so I just skip it.


Haven’t tried it but i’m guessing it probably doesn’t give SL and def not RP so just don’t see a point in doing it without a good reward

That is an insane grind for absolutely nothing, WHY DOES EVERYTHING NEED TO BE A GRIND.
Gaijin doesn’t understand the concept of fun.

Play 20 minutes, no RP, no SL, no daily task, no battlepass challenge… get a handful of parts whilst you need thousands of them, so you need to grind hundreds of games to unlock vehicles which are completely pointless and will be gone after the event, and after dozens of hours you can get some AI generated profile icon.

Just wait a bit until people unlock the better vehicles and you can’t even get parts anymore.


Didn’t have to chance to play it this morning, servers didn’t want to work.

Events? Who even has the time? I have a backlog of planes to unlock.


What about collection of resources and whole extraction game mode? Thats new. Have you even played it?

Also, there is free for all mode, which I dont think Gaijin ever introduced before.


I have played it, its like crossout, also a big grind in anycase

Saw a video on it. Wasn’t impressed, so I won’t be playing it. Too busy with Dragon’s Dogma 2 - A game that’s actually fun to play.

Also, none of the past events impressed me, either.

I didn’t mind the Tailspin event, but as always the grind ruined it, because that’s all this game knows how to do.

My extreme, righteous condemnation for furries aside, the gameplay was arcade mode mechanics, which I personally don’t enjoy. Plus, many of the aircraft designs looked utterly ridiculous, though that’s my opinion.

Also, as always, excessive grinding is stupid.

Flag? Lmao.

Yep. Just Gaijin things.


I’m not disappointed. Alright event, just not fan of the grind. Won’t take too long to get what i want though.

Because to gaijin pov, grind is life (our lives obviouly …) !


in all honesty, it is a pretty good joke.

Played one round, got sniped twice, got bored, quit. Sorry not for me.


People are just camping the extraction points, garbo event.

That would mostly be false.
Previous April Fools are often the best, this includes MObile WT which is Pony’s. Modern Warships which is cargo ship racing. Mind you Pony’s return for the 2nd time, as the first was from the early years of War Thunder before Mobile ever existed.

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Hyped? There was zero hype from Gaijin.
I’m happy about the event. A no consequences extraction mode that’ll be gone in a few weeks featuring Mad Max style? Yes please.

Rewards are identical to all previous April Fools. Cosmetics.

I don’t get why people are addicted to the grind of the game and hate on something that doesn’t involve grinding.
These people wouldn’t last on DCS: “I get nothing for playing? No thanks.”