Any Possibility for Future Eastern Carriers?

Was playing Air Simulator battles the other day in my Yak-141 and I started wondering: why is the only current AI carrier in Simulator Battles the USN Forrestal (CVN-59)? I feel like with the coming of many new Eastern naval aircraft such as the Su-33, MiG-29K/KR, etc… it would be fitting to introduce new corresponding ships such as the Admiral Kuznetsov or the INS Vikramadityato accommodate such.

This could even just include (since the only naval aircraft for the Eastern Block are VTOL) bringing in the Kiev-Class cruisers, since they are already fully modeled in game as can be seen in the Russian test drive.


Its not like Warthunder SB is this amazing immersive Simulation gamemode, but even then some more immersion would be nice. Taking off from a US carrier in a Russian aircraft just feels… Off?

Just want to hear opinions and see what others think about the topic.


As someone who exclusively plays RB, I’d like to have a carrier… of any kind.

But yes, it would be cool to have CVs from various nations at some point, with the advantages/disadvantages that go with them.

Perhaps when air mode is no longer mixed, and you can have a nation specific CV for each team.


I completely agree. It would feel so much less crowded (and cooler) if naval aircraft had a separate spawn.

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The Kuznetsov would be really cool, it has a full outfit of air defenses and even a ski jump that I hope to fly off of in a custom with a really quick vehicle.

Would be an extremely cool addition imo.

You get HMS Ark Royal too. Feels a lot better when in the sea Harrier.

There’s a russian carrier aswell but it’s only for VTOL aircraft

Would love to see other ships like that in SB too, especially since its modeled.

The Kiev class in game would 100% work as a replacement for the Forrestal for Eastern Naval SB cause most eastern naval (currently in game) consist of VTOL aircraft.

For France there are the Clemenceau class and Charles de Gaulle

Yeah, Id want to see it as part of a total update to SB. Including them fixing what AI aircraft are buzzing around, you still get soviet AI aircraft on the “Bluefor” team and American AI aircraft on the “Redfor” team on some maps. AI TKs are all too common.

Updating what naval assets are used to be nation specific more and use a wider range of ships types, alongside more carrier choices would be rather nice

Right now ASB seems so obviously unloved, especially with the economy updates it has suffered.

Yeah, 99% of the time, Im convinced the devs forget SB even exists. Way too often there will be some update pertaining to something and it will mention AB and RB but never SB and getting an answer for how it will work for SB is like getting blood from a stone. Like the RP boost for new nations. Still waiting on an answer as to how that will work for SB

What is really stupid, is that with even a tiny bit of love, WT could destroy the Sim game genre competition and get a lot of new players from it

TBH, besides Russia, some aircraft carriers are needed in the game as AI such as CVN-65 USS Enterprise and CV-41 USS Midway in 1950s.

It’s a little odd to see a 1950s Navy jet launching from a Vietnam-era angled deck.

When they added modern AI Aircraft Carriers with modules i was very very happy.
However,i hope that someday carriers will be more used for more than merely landing/taking off

First of all,we need more modern carriers:USA has late 1980s jets and they still use the Forrestal (okay,that carrier was in service until 1992,but during that time the Enterprise and some Nimitz were already in service)
Russia can get the Kuznetsov-class
GB can get the Prince of Wales
China can get the Liaoning (Type 001) or the Shandong (Type 002)
France can get the Charles De Gaulle and/or the Clemenceau-class (either the Clemenceau or the Foch)
Italy can get both the Giuseppe Garibaldi and the Cavour (the Trieste is still too recent)

Then, aircraft carriers could also provide a form of advanced radar tracking for all allied planes, making them a more interesting target during EC

If i may add,all of the air naval branches in the game is still too undeveloped compared to their land counterparts


Technically its the Queen Elizabeth-Class Carriers, but yeah, that would be awesome. But maybe a tad too modern, but would love ramped carriers. like those used in the Falklands such as HMS Invincible which was commissioned in 1980 and decommisioned in 2005 or HMS Illustrious which was commissioned in 1982 and was decomissioned in 2014

HMS Ark Royal we have in SB currently, was decomissioned in 1979.


That might be why we dont have some Soviet Carriers. As they were ramped and WT cant currently handle that. Aircraft like the Sea Harrier used a Ramp Launch not CATOBAR (I dont know if they could be launched via CATOBAR IRL) but im guessing its a “Game limitation”


Yeah it’s probably like that, if i stand correctly you can’t drive on a ramp like that in WT,you’ll just crash

It’s a serious challenge for them,but i hope it can be resolved because variety is what we need

If their latest variation were visually and practically different from the Ark Royal (which i bet it was) then it’s okay. I chose the Prince of Wales simply because it was the next class of aircraft carriers,and it and the Queen Elizabeth technically succeeded to the Invincible and the Illustrious

Yeah, Carriers are buggy enough (arrestor wires not catching or landing gear ripping off on take-off) Id not want to add ramps into the mix just yet. Youd probably explode upon contact.

Yeah, Queen Elizabeth-Class is the most modern of our carriers, but would be a tad wierd take off from them with a Sea Harrier FA2. Id doubt we’d get F-35s anytime soon. Something like an Invincible-class would be a good middle ground to “replace” the Audacious-class carriers we have in-game currently. Though that being said, with the exception of the Sea Harrier FRS1 and yet to be added Sea Harrier FA2. the Audacious-Class carrier is the “accurate” carrier for most of the naval aircraft we currently have in game, so its a more minor “upgrade” than it would be for most nations. Especially those with 0 representation

Audacious-Class (HMS Ark Royal)


Invincible-Class (HMS Illustrious)

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Oh that’s why i fail most of my attempts with both piston and jet aircrafts, it’s not me that i’m blind.

Yep, that’s the reason why i’m not too reliant of taking the Trieste over the Garibaldi,for example.

The Trieste will be in service between April and May (if everything goes into plans),and even tho we still have some AV-8B+,this last carrier will mostly have F-35s which are already in service with the Cavour and were briefly in service with the Garibaldi
And since the Garibaldi will be decommissioned later this year,it will be a good chance to add her into this game (even tho it can only launch one single italian aircraft)

Its very possible. I’ve had a few (at least what i’d consider) “perfect” landings and flown straight off the end (with how “unreliable” replay is for long matches like SB, I never go back and check because it just causes CTDs) . I think latency plays a VERY big part in it, but also the slightly erractic behaviour of the carriers and how they “turn” can cause a lot of issues. A big part of what they need to fix is the routing/path the carrier takes and make its turns smoother and larger.

Ah yeah, that makes sense, I dont know much about Italy and her current navy/airforce so yeah, that would make sense