Anticipated/wanted/potential additions to the US air forces Tech Tree

Topic for suggestions/wanted additions to the US aircraft TT, as well as ideas on what may or may not come next

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It’s decently likely that the next aircraft to be added to the US TT will be one of the following: F/A-18A Hornet, F/A-18C Hornet, or F-14D Super Tomcat. I’m personally hoping for a Hornet, but the likelihood of that may or may not be up for debate.

I’m also ultimately hoping Gaijin may go back and add a few filler aircraft here and there throughout the next few updates.


Personally I’m looking forward to the A-5 Vigilante, this plane is just incredible




Gonna put the b52 or f117, there’s still a bomber main who cares!

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F-117 I can absolutely see Gaijin wanting to capitalize on, when the time comes

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In the mid jet ranks would love to see the F-86H, A-4M Skyhawk II and F-111D & F-111F. For top tier I’m looking forward to both legacy Hornet variants, F-14D would be of interest too. Finally, A-10C as the US counterpart to the Su-25TM would only make sense.

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To add on, there are two prototypes that I feel could fill some pretty big gaps (between A-7s and AV-8B+, and AV-8B+ and whatever goes after): YA-7F Strikefighter, and A-6F Intruder II.

Add on to that the F-106 in-between the F-5E and F-16As, a TT A-4M, as well as maybe a late F-4E and F-4B Shoehorn (as well as maybe an F-8J)


I like those ideas a lot, however the F-106 would be more of like a rank 6 than a rank 7/8, would maybe be better between the F-104s and F-5E. With Phantoms there’s so much to add that I didn’t mention them, but you could have the F-4B between the F-8E and F-4J, the F-4D between the C & E, as well as splitting the E between an early (Vietnam war) spec and a late (ANG service) spec. Oh and foldering an F-4N under the F-4J (would basically be a TT F-4S, maybe with 9L’s to further differentiate it from the rest)


Honestly, I’ve always kinda seen the F-4D and F-4N as premium, squadron, or event vehicle material, just due to them both serving from the 60s all the way through to the late 80s and early 90s.
A TT F-4S late with AIM-9L and AIM-7F/M in-between the F-14A and F-4J could work (foldered), but this would also introduce the conundrum of the F-14A early lacking AIM-9L.
With the F-4E late, we could keep the current F-4E as is, and then the late one would get AIM-9L, AIM-7F, Pave Spike/Pave Tack, and LGBs (as well as Maverick Ds).

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This one fo sure + F/A-18 hornet big fan.

Fill the gaps within the tech tree.

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Other aircraft I’d like to see, albeit not in the TT (so squadron, premium, event, etc): F-5F Tiger II, OA-4M Skyhawk II, F/A-18B Hornet

Another aircraft in rank IV

Rank IV

  • F4U Corsair (F4U-4N, F4U-5, F4U-5NL)
  • F8F Bearcat (F8F-1N, F8F-2, F8F-2N)
  • F-82 Twin Mustang (F-82F, F-82G, F-82H)
  • XP-47J Superbolt
  • Republic XP-72
  • P-51H-1-NA & P-51H-10-NA
  • F7F Tigercat (F7F-1, F7F-2N, F7F-3N & F7F-4N)

F-4D in folder with F-4E because early 70’s armament like F-4E Block 53 from USA tech tree but external gun pod, different targeting pod, no leading-edge slats under the Agile Eagle program, different radar (AN/APQ-109) and F-4C engine (General Electric J79-GE-15)

F-4J move to early rank 8 before F-14A Early, increase lock range of AIM-7F to 80km and expand max BR to 11.7
F-4S Late could be 12.0 but not sure located before or after F-14A Early

F-4N in folder with F-4S at 12.0 or 12.3 BR, armament mix F-4J & F-4S (premium) and carry AIM-9L & AIM-9M but radar from F-4B (AN/APQ-72 radar) and smokeless engine (Pratt & Whitney J79-GE-8B).

For F-4E (1984) (ANG service) seperate from F-4E, equipped AN/AVQ-26 Pave Tack electro-optical targeting pod, would be BR 11.7 (Air AB, Air RB & Air SB) & 12.0 (Ground RB) fill gap between F-4E and F-15A

I hope gajin add AIM-9M & AIM-9M-8 on F-14B with max BR to 12.3 in september

F-14A late in folder with F-14A Early or F-14B but at 12.3 BR, a “bombcat” upgraded like F-14B but light airframe and it has worse engine (Pratt & Whitney TF30-P-414A)


I wait F-86H for a long time. Now USA tech tree only no F-86 with AIM-9B like germany, japan, italy, china and france

I guess would be 9.3 BR (Air AB & Air RB) and 9.7 (Air SB & Ground RB) between AV-8C and A–10A Late

A-10C counterpart Su-25SM3 and better Su-25BM & Su-25T

After F-111A at rank VIII in bomber line

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I want USA Air tree project like british air tree

Ah yes, F-4N without PD radar, ARH missiles and bomb truck performance at 12.0/12.3… I’m sure this will be absolutely fine… Nothing wrong with that.
Quick edit
I only now saw you wrote “Pratt & Whitney J79-GE-8B”. Manufacturer is General Electric, not P&W

F-4D though would make a decent 10.7 jet and a Phantom alternative (read as different gameplay) to F-5E. AIM-9Js, 7E-2s and countermeasure dispensers.

But F-4J and F-4S going higher in BR? That’s a no from me. Even giving them better missiles won’t make automatically make them better at higher BRs…

Now, back to topic.
I personally expect to see Hornet added some time this year. Early production 18A is long overdue (Sparrow only) and now that ARH missiles were added, 18A+ or even 18C would make more sense.
Jets like F-86H and FJ-3M also should have been added long time ago.

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F-4D great fighter aircraft 10.7 BR (Air AB & Air RB) and 10.3 BR (Air SB) but BR 11.0 for ground RB same F-4E from USAF. Air-to-Air Missile like F-4E but not change engine, no leading-edge slat, no intenal cannon (gun pod like F-4C) and AN/APQ-109 radar inferior to AN/APQ-120

AIM-7E-2 switch AIM-7F to tier 4 modification

Add AIM-9H buff IR AAM but AIM-7E swap AIM-7F at tier III because downgrade medium-range Air-to-Air Missile like this image

But F-4J still BR 11.3 or down to 11.0 ?

I guess medium-range Air-to-Air Missile & AIM-9H on F-4N like F-4S from premium tree but retain AN/APQ-72 Radar, smokeless engine (General Electric J79-GE-8B) and no leading-edge slat wings

F-4N armed all-aspect IR AAM ?

F/A-18A armament mix 80’s & 1990

F/A-18A+ close to F/A-18C because upgraded avionics, radar and armament to F/A-18C 90’s standard but airframe like F/A-18A and retain General Electric F404-GE-400 engine

Located before F3H Demon on USN fighter line or in folder with A-4B & FJ-4B at strike aircraft line ?

F-86H-10 in folder with F-86F-2 ?

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Not sure, but there is a chance. I still however believe that F-4N would be redundant (I wouldn’t say useless but it’s not far from that either).

Even with the things you mentioned, it wouldn’t qualify it for uptiers. AIM-9H (to my understanding) is 9G with solid state electronics and higher track rate. F-4J already has AIM-7F so…
F-14A is already at 11.7 (one step higher) and offers better maneuverability and more A2A ordnance capability. Adding another Phantom with slightly better missiles just wouldn’t cut it.
My two cents on the take.

That’s essentially what 18A+ is. Avionics from 18C but retains “hardware” of 18A (no F404 EPE)

That’s good question…
FJ-4B was more of fighter-bomber (I’d dare say Navy equivalent of F-86H) compared to FJ-3M. I think FJ-3M would definitely fit more in Navy fighter line.
After taking a look in the tech tree, FJ-3M would be perfect 9.0 candidate before F3H Demon.

Fair assumption IMO.

Sadly, I don’t know light fighter 11.0 ~ 11.7 fill in the gap between F-5E Tiger II and F-16A on researchable

USN F/A-18 Hornet add to USA fighter line ?

But USMC Hornet after AV-8B+ ?

Before F3H-2 Demon maybe USN fighter 8.7 ~ 9.0 ?

I feel that now USA tech tree no 1st gen fighter aircraft 6.7 ~ 7.0 between F8F-1B & F7F-1 and F2H-2

And F-4N armed AIM-9H sidewinder & AIM-7F Sparrow like F-4S (premium pack) ?

Ah. USA tech tree never add F-86 with AIM-9B like germany, italy, china & france long time ago

i agree, A-5 Vigilante can be a amazing adding, more than F-111

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