Anti air reward

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I have a quick question.
Why is the reward for destroying enemy air so low? Considering how much impackt one plane can have?

4 planes for 10k.


Yep, this is one thing doesnt make sense.

Flying CAP or sitting in an SPAA can be a lot of nothing waiting for CAS to appear. but when you get a kill, the rewards feel… unsatisfying. Should be higher


The problem is that in certain Br the anti-aircraft are really very strong if they are played well, I am thinking in particular of the 8.0 - 9.0 with vehicles like the Guepard and the AMX-30 DCA which can easily destroy any plane or helicopter, even at great distances.

I think the rewards are based on these vehicles so it doesn’t bring in much, however the other Brs and vehicles suffer from it

The M247 is an anti-air monster. Can knock out any helicopter or plane at 4km max pretty easily. Also quite good against planes that rely on countermeasures to stay alive like the Su-25. I’ll always agree that below 7.7 the SPAA are harder to use, but once you get radar guided guns it can be quite trivial to shoot down most aircraft, unless the pilot is experienced.


You’re severely overestimating the performance of those two SPAAs.

Whilst others say not to use the SPAA, they are at least using them…

SPAA vs Air should get greater rewards. Planes vs plane not so much.

No, those should have arguably better rewards on air kills since you likely intercepted it BEFORE it could drop its payload. SPAAs like the Gepard can’t do that.

This with premium acc or normal F2P acc?

Yes they can, it’s the easiest to kill planes lining up for an attack. Especially when they take a slightly angled attack from higher altitudes instead of top down or near ground level attacks to void detection. The radar guided SPAA are much easier to locate and plane a defense with because of the search ability of the radar and it’s quite easy to hit a plane flying in a straight line with the radar guided guns. The worse radar guided gun is the M163 because it’s tracking radar is awful at locking targets, that is probably the only one that is a serious struggle to use on a regular basis. The other 7.7+ radar guided gun SPAA are pretty simple to use can are quite effective.

Though I wish they removed the “errors” in the lead indicators for many of them


Radar SPAA is garbage, only proxy and missile SPAA is effective, one of which they just removed with the VEAK.


Playing the Guépard is really funny when you know how to use the radar, same for the Amx30, you can basically one shot every plane under 2km and helicopters up to 3km

Nah, SPAAs can do it and should be awarded better for it… Plane being in the air and intercepting by nature, shouldn’t.

Yea, firing from 3rd person view is very difficult unless you have HE-VT or they are under 2km. Using 1st person helps massively because the indicator is much much smaller than 3rd person.

Yes Miragen, Gaijin ruins everything, nothing is balanced, and Warthunder is awful at all levels. Thank you.

Doesn’t change my point that radar SPAA is garbage and you’re more likely to hit something without it.
I’ll take a WZ over a Gepard any day, better AA and better AT.

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Yes Miragen, everything you say is law and completely accurate. Thank you.

All radars have tracking errors coded into them, and they NEVER account for acceleration like they would IRL, especially the more advanced systems like the Gepard. They’re really only accurate up to about 2km away and that’s way too close, especially if dealing with say… an A-4E.

With a fighter I can intercept them anywhere between their airspawn and the battlefield, which is much further than 2km from the battlefield and has much lower chances of failing to shoot them down since I can keep up with them, instead of being restricted by them coming to me.

As Miragen said, HE-VT is the only thing that makes gun spaa truly relevant in the face of ATGM helicopters and CAS aircraft like the A-4E. Otherwise, SAMs are completely superior.


Destruction of aircraft already provides an increased SL reward compared to a single ground kill.

14k, you have to remember with the new mechanics, critical hits & destructive blows, are a majority of the reward. Idk, 14k is pretty good for only a few plane kills.