Anti air reward

and thats not even taking into account the automatic tracking modes that I think a lot of these Radar guided SPAA had/have. Should lock on, press a button and it will fire at the target. Of course too OP for a game like War Thunder. But the bare minimum should be the removal of tracking errors


Well you say that, but we have a bunch of self-guided SAMs already in the game that require no input after launch… So it’s not THAT outlandish to have a semi-automatic mode for gun SPAA.

Perhaps, but from someone who plays ASB and is frustrated enough with Gepards and SIDAM-25s just sniping you without warning from 5km away, regardless of what you do… There needs to be a limit.

Though I wouldnt say no to a lead-indicator like the radar SPAA have for the Stormer HVM.

Sim EC SIDAMs and Gepards work on different rules to playable SPAA. They have far better lead prediction abilities and will have no trouble targeting you through solid cover - in replays you can often see them shooting into the ground if someone is flying close by but without line of sight.

The Chaparral is not superior to the M247 without HE-VT at killing helicopters. The Chaparral’s lock distance is well short of the 2km lock limit that helicopters seem to have. It is superior for killing planes though.

I will agree that fighters are usually better for anti-aircraft duty than SPAA are. I enjoy playing CAP with my aircraft, which is usually my primary use for them.

I am aware that most SPAA do not operate properly compared to their real life counterparts. The vehicles that utilize the Stinger platform are quite awful at locking helicopters, just like all the IR seeker SAMs.

For a pilot that knows that they are doing against SPAA I would agree. Against the average CAS pilot at 7.7 to around 9.7 they can work pretty well at over 3km if you’re used to using the systems. The ones with tracers are a bit easier to guide onto your target with fine adjustments, and surprisingly most pilots are too focused on attacking a ground target to realize they are under attack.

I haven’t had the chance to use the SACLOS SPAA, which I am quite excited to earn the after I get the M3A3 Bradley since they can actually target helicopters at a decent range. The SPAA below 7.7 are not very effective in my eyes, and fighters are definitely more effective than they are.

Not only is the chaparral a piece of shit, but it is also affected by the fact that gaijin thinks helicopters are the coldest things in the sky and can’t be locked until 2km by IR SAMs.

Type 93 is a far better example of what I mean.

If a system only works against bad pilots it’s not a good counter. High tier, HEVT-less gun SPAA fall into this category.

I’ll spare you the finding out - fantastic against helicopters, but if you want to shoot down aircraft the Stingers are better.

Those radar SPAA guns are also “fine” at their BRs but get out-BRed faster than any other type of SPAA. I know from Britain trying to use something like the Marksman at 9.0 and for a while it was my SPAA for 10.0 as well. They just cannot compete. At least something that fires a bad IR guided SAM, will still be usable for a few BRs. Even if its a bit niche in its usage


10k for 4 is a lot. For 11 they give 13-14k. In general, be glad monsieur that you are given a reward and not a fine for killing the saint CAS…

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