Another event, disappointing

We have a new event coming up that will give us the opportunity to win a new tank destroyer.

But this is not really a problem because we always have events or specific days when tanks of this type are gifted through achievements or events.

The problem lies in how Gaijin has managed to ruin the prices of event vehicles; possibly the value of the vehicle from this new event won’t exceed 20 dollars.

And this is my discontent with the event: you grind for a theoretically “unique” vehicle given through a long, tedious, and exhausting week only for it to be worth less than 20 dollars in the end.

We used to have good events, events that lasted a month but were worth it! Powerful vehicles, difficult to obtain, and often forced you to eat and dine in front of your monitor. But this stressful journey finally gave you a vehicle worth 50 to 70 dollars; SOME even reached up to 2100 dollars.

I am disappointed with this cycle; I hoped they would maintain the status of interesting and epic vehicles within the events, but this was completely an illusion of mine to think this was possible.

Finally, I don’t think the event vehicle is bad, but its rank and role in the game do not make it a vehicle worthy of grinding 500,000 points and trading it for 20 dollars.

It was just a dull repetition of the previous YAK-3 event.