Anonymity of the opponents in the kill feed

hello, camel here.

Besides all the problems the game has, I find one thing very important. anonymity of the opponents (red font) in the kill-feet. or in other words. no personalized kills. you only see that you have shot down an enemy plane. but not who.

Gaijin obviously thinks it’s okay for players to hate each other and denounce each other. and for players to take kills personally and just want revenge. some players are cool with that, thank god. but others are not.

I have seen in other games that anonym kills can add value to a game.
I think for Sim this would be a great thing.

I have built a screenshot of how I imagine it.
everything that is red is anonymous. as if the opponents were AI’s.

ohso, of course, the names should remain in the team list, etc…

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i respectfully disagree, this will greatly effect competativeness between players …its bad enough that ppl always wanna play pve…the funnest times ive ever had in sim is when the other team had pilots who were competative like myself and never gave up constantly in a dogfight… its soo fun even if im getting my butt kicked i can see if they got rid of players killing the escourt planes…or ai type planes that way the opposite team trying revenge kill cant locate the guy killing obj planes… i often like when players try to come revenge kill me and locate me by the feed… that way i dont have to go looking they come right back to me… but if what u describe is an issue for u… bring a wing man … ppl dont realise how much wing men help…i dont mean team mates u call to for help… i mean 1 or 2 guys that fly with u or near u and move as a unit… there is a few diff sqadrons i run into all the time and if i kill one… and i see the name… i immediately know theres another 1 or 2 of his mates near and there pissed … those players are soofrustrating to deal with… but i respect them but not without talking major trash to them… they do the same lol


I thought maybe the denunciation and the quarrel of the players are reduced.
I also notice sometimes that players only have revenge in mind. they are then like crazy. :)
anonymous kills in other simulations have convinced me a lot.

back then, I formed a squadron here with my friends. the vultures. but with the sim crisis in 2021, I’m the last one left. the last mohican …or the last camel

Yea, I’m actually dislikeing the hiding of names in any form even from the anonymity measures for the streamers as the only ones who I see actually using it, are those who want to hide their activities and ‘consistency’ from those who are playing around them…

I also dislike the way they stopped the TKing in RB tanks, and AB Air, because it hides that rulebreak and player anger compared to actually sorting the player out…

Sort the player out, don’t just hide it…

Anonymous kills will be good thing. I’m often being Hunted by some players just by kill mark.
Keep who you kill or who you die to. But no announce to every one…