...and this is why we need AAA protecting spawn points from vulchers

Someone please tell me how to share a replay where a single Ka-50 spawnkilled half my team by hovering right on top of the spawn point (elevation of 85 to 90 degrees) for three minutes, swallowing hits from machineguns, rockets and missiles like nothing.

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I’m a bit out of the loop but I think you would go to the warthunder website and select the tab “community” , then select “replays”. You can narrow down the search there. Then look for the match you were in. After finding it, you share with us the name of the replay and we can see it.

You can probably see replay information if you look in your replays folder and find the date/time it happened to narrow the search.

I’m sure someone can better explain it, I don’t share replays much. Help anyone?