An Argentine air sub-tree for Germany

IMO that’s the most important aircraft actually. Germany lacks a gap filler to go between the F-4F ICE & the Eurofighter, there’s an acute capability gap that cannot be plugged without a foreign aircraft, in this case the F-16AM that Argentine is buying from Denmark.

Of course, we could always try to inject copium directly into our blood system, and pretend Gaijin will add the MiG-29SE because one of them was based on a German MiG-29.


As @FurinaBestArchon said, the purpose of the F-16AM is both as a filler between the F-4F ICE and Eurofighter, as well as a multirole fighter of which Germany currently lacks.

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I made various BR changes including the A-4C to 8.7, A-4AR to 10.7, and Dagger A to 10.0. Also corrected some errors and improved formatting.


Tornado? That’s a multirole, even if it isn’t that good in its current state. Or add more east german aircraft, I think that’s how gaijin will do it. Also, another tech tree with an f-16 should be avoided, too many already tbh. Also, no filler is really needed between f4f ice and typhoon, tt can just jump straight to it.

The IDS is a Fighterbomber and the ADV is a Interceptor. None of them are multirole


The hell did you get the idea of tornado being multirole from lmao

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So you are saying remove japanese F-16aj and uk grippen, because they can just Deal with the gap?

And oh yeah, means you are against any further additions of leopards into other trees as well


Wikipedia probably

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Okay, so lets just ignore EFTs for Italy & UK since they have gap fillers, and give T1 B5 EFT to Germany alone.


They should remove AJ, it’s fake. Plus south Africa is an established subtree of the UK, and they NEEDED that airplane. I have also had a change of heart, I think f16 are ok as long as they are not C or modernized to be close to C, I mean it only makes sense the US gets the best version of their fighters and you guys will get the typhoon in some time. F-16A I’m chill with every country that actually needs it gets it.

I mean… Wouldn’t it reduce the grind to the top? Italy and UK might get more EFT variants, but it’d make it take more time, or they could folder it, time to grind to best version would be same but no one would play the foldered one

why does Uk need the grippen, but japan no F16?

ehhh, you mean like germany should have the best leopards in the game?

Besides that more and more nations will end up getting C versions as well

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But many nations will have airplanes that can be used instead of C variant. Personally, I find it pretty dumb that there are f-16 and j-11 in Chinese tech tree, and that with some exceptions like the EJ Kai, the USA gets worse or equal variants of it’s own fighters. It really makes it pointless to play USA, I am fine with higher BR for better variants, but most advanced/best version of a vehicle should stay in the tt of the country that designed and built it

every nation that used a vehicle, will have the vehicle added to their tree.
Other examples are the grippen, currently UK has the best grippen, Italy will get grippens at one point as well

Besides that the US would get the F16V wouldnt it? thats the most modern f16 variant or am i wrong there. Ignoring even the existence of E as well

One thing is what you or I think and another thing is what Gaijin thinks.

This summarizes what Gaijin thinks.


I thought SA gripen was same as swedish one ingame, other that that yeah, you are probably right

Originally it was the case that the SA Gripen was better, but the Swedish mains complained enough that Gaijin gave the Gripen A the HMS even if not historically accurate.

The Uk one stile has slighty better armamenr, like with a2g stuff etc

That is true.

I think its a neat idea, whether its adding a full sub-tree or even just a bunch of planes to plug in some gaps of lack of certain “types”…i know Germany could use some better CAS for sure. I would also consider other planes from the tree, even in the lower ranks, it could be neat to have.