AMX style vehicles getting moved up yet again?

So, from a recent post on the forums, we know that the 7.7 french lineup is being moved to 8.0, as shown on this document. This is a massive problem with the tanks in the game right now and we need to decompress or find another way to balance. This is genuinely baffling to me as seeing the only 8.7 russian T55AM-1 faces this constantly now, and will face it more. For example, the TO90/930 series of the AMX-50 only has 209mm of penetration at the BEST circumstance, being a 0 degree angle at 10 meters, which is a vastly unrealistic condition and it STILL won’t pen it frontally. also, when you factor in that it will die in 1 shot to anywhere on the front of it from the 3BM25 round that the T55AM-1 has, it just doesn’t make sense. Sure you could make the argument that it is in posession of an autoloader at 4 seconds, when you can’t pen anything, it doesn’t matter. (I also play the T55AM-1 very often, but I think this is very unfair.) This isn’t just about it facing russian tanks, but also other better tanks than it at the same BR.

Once people stop doing so well in them, they can go back down

useless response

Sorry you feel that way. That is why they are going up so for them to go down, the opposite needs to happen

Do you think, just maybe in that brain of yours (hard as it may be) that the reason the OP posted this was because they are aware of the PROBLEM of HOW gaijin balances the game?

Ignoring that insult, it would make more sense to make the thread about that rather than a certain set of tanks.
Personally, i would love to see decompression. The balance through performance has issues but i would rather have that than some random employee looking at a stat card and guessing what is a good br for. That is how we get the starting brs and we can see how those can be very off

He did. You just didn’t catch on because you want to say silly ass things instead of constructive things.

Could you quote the part where he says that the problem is using player stats for br? All i see is comparing how it would 8.7 russians

compares to russians, yet I say that this is a problem as it is facing better vehicles at the same BR. Just giving an example.

To be fair, 95% of the post was about russia. Yeah, there are some better tanks at 8.0.
This could be lessened if they moved ground br range to match air’s. Allow for some decompression.

I would love for them to take a break from adding top tier for like 3 updates, increase br range, and add a lot of mid rank tanks and filler spaa

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As you made the point the post was of too much complaining, I made an edit making my point a little bit more clear.

Yes, this post was massively about russia. I did this because France faces Russia almost every single game at 7.7. Decompress to 13.0 maybe, wouldn’t be a big problem for Q times, and sure it would suck to adjust BR ratings, but the community could pitch in for that if gaijin would actually listen. I agree that we also don’t need top tier things right now. your points make sense, but I want to make it clear that I complained about russia so much just because France constantly faces them in this range.

That makes a lot more sense, thanks.

I understand gaijin’s fear of queue times but i dont see this level of decompression greatly affecting it.

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From what I have seen in a few last BR adjustments, they tend to focus on specific sets of vehicles with those changes. So if other vehicles need to move as well, because of this proposed one, the will gradually do it in upcoming BR adjustments, one set of vehicles at a time.

Besides that, moving lineup by 0.3 won’t make it useless, especially not tanks with good mobility and firepower.

Argument that it will now face a few well armored tanks in full up tier doesn’t hold up, especially since it can flank them, or use autoloader to track, destroy gun and quickly follow up with side shot.

I mean, I do fine in the tanks as it is. They really aren’t that good. you can say they have good mobility, which they do. I mean, the TO50 is my really big concern here, since it has 209 mm of penetration at max capability. It just isn’t that good where it is right now anyways. You can go for the flanking style, but what about maps that you can’t effectively flank on. You can’t pen anything that is russian at 8.7-9.0 practically (I highlight this because France plays them basically every game), and when facing tanks with stabilizers almost every game, if they see you, it’s basically over. It isn’t as simple at tracking and destroying the gun. They just don’t have the velocity or even accuracy to do so. Also, You don’t even play them or play against them (often), which is apparent through your player card.

True I don’t play them, but I am not trying to make a point about specific French lineup.

If I build lineup and I need to put in lower BR tanks, I won’t grab armor, I will go for mobility and/or decent gun, because that will hold up better when uptiered.

We all know that mobility and firepower is the “meta” in Warthunder and French lineups often have both. Does it make them likely target of BR adjustment, yeah apparently, but will it hold up in higher BR, I bet.

Yeah, the problem is the tank I’m talking about doesn’t have firepower. its an extremely mediocre gun. You also ignore the point about stabilizers. For example, if the To(50/90) had a stabilizer it would be so OP. Stabilizers make a massive difference. Bringing in a lower BR tank isn’t as detrimental at lower BR ratings because there really aren’t any massive differences in technology. Edit: no, it won’t hold up against 9.0 tanks. It just won’t.

Sure good gun handling greatly enhances tanks agility, I am aware of that.
But just because this lineup will sometimes face something like this, won’t make it useless.

That wasn’t my main point though, so I will try it differently:

In Warthunder, there is crap ton of vehicles and trying to BR adjust all of them at once, would end up in chaos, because it would be too complex of a task. So they have to do it gradually, move one group of vehicles at a time, see what happens, make subsequent adjustments in following BR adjustment and move another group of vehicles.
Will it put some vehicles in tougher spot temporarily? Sure, but there is no other way around it. And if something can take it, its mobile tank, with decent gun.

This just sounds dumb. Its not like we’re decompressing. we’re literally changing BR ratings of tanks. Not adding more brackets to the game. We don’t need adjustment, we need decompression.

Well, you can push or pull.
Either you create a blank space and spread vehicles to it, or you can move vehicles to higher existing BR and when it becomes too crowded, you spread them even higher to new max BR.
I take it you would prefer pulling:)

It really wouldn’t hurt que times. Decompressing to 13.0 would be a perfect option. Its fine If I play against the occasional russian. I will cope. I made the point in this post that we need to find a better way to balance BR. You also miss my point