AMX phase out patch

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Alongside this suggestion i made: AMX phase out camo, i decided to present to you another way to remember this beatiful plane.
During the cerimony on the 5th of april 2024 the ground crew working with the aircraft wore this particular patch, and it was given to other people inside the airforce aswell.
I would love to see this in game as a decal, one last salute to the italian AMX.

Quick AMX history

The AMX (Aerei da Combattimento e Attacco, or “Combat and Attack Aircraft”) is a ground-attack aircraft designed and produced by a collaborative effort between Italy and Brazil. The project began in the 1970s, and the first prototype took flight in 1984.

The AMX is a versatile, single-seat, single-engine aircraft capable of performing close air support, ground attack, and reconnaissance missions. It features a sleek design, high-speed capabilities, and advanced avionics for its time.

Primarily used by the Italian Air Force and the Brazilian Air Force, the AMX has participated in various conflicts, including peacekeeping operations and regional conflicts. It became operational in the late 1980s and saw service during the Gulf War and the Balkans conflict.

Over the years, the AMX underwent upgrades to enhance its capabilities and extend its operational life. Its adaptability and cost-effectiveness have contributed to its continued service in both Italian and Brazilian air forces.

The AMX stands as a successful example of international collaboration in aircraft development, providing effective ground-attack capabilities for the air forces of Italy and Brazil.

Both image are have been taken from instagram, from David Cenciotti (@theaviationist) • Instagram photos and videos and A.M. page

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Looks nice, I think it will be a cool addition for an event, where you can also obtain another AMX variant, one of these maybe:

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