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In the morning of april 5th 2024 a phase out cerimony for the AMX was carried out by the italian airforce.
The AMX played a key role for the italian airforce for 35 years and then was finally retired.
During the cerimony a unique camo made for the retirement of this plane was presented to the pubblic.
I suggest adding it to the game as a researchable camo, so that everyone can fly in game a plane that will never fly again with a camo that remebers its glorius carreer.

Here are the pictures:


(the suggested camo in this last picture is the one on the vertex of the formation, but all of em should be added :| )

Official article

Here is an official article on the italian airforce site, talking about this phase out:
(it’s only in italian but you can look at the images if you don’t wanna translate it all)


Fancy! Very cool camo. +1

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This camo looks beautiful!

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