AMX-50 (TO90/930) and Char 25t

Move the AMX-50 (TO90/930) and Char 25t to 7.0-7.3, because at 8.0 they are absolutely useless. Even from the point of view of common sense. On 8.0, there are already vehicles with thermal imagers, stabilisers and armour that cannot penetrate the armour of both AMX-50 (TO90/930) and Char 25t. Their camouflage shells penetrate 209 mm, which is not enough for an armoured vehicle like 8.0. This penetration is equal to 7.0-7.3 tanks, so please replace AMX-50 (TO90/930) and Char 25t with br.

No, they were good enough at 7.7 that they were moved up to 8.0. They both have amazing reloads, are very mobile, and they both have good pen for a 90mm gun. They excel at flanking and using their amazing reload speed for follow up shots. They surely don’t need to be 7.0. Penetration is not the only balancing metric…


They were fine at 7.7. The Char with solid shot and a 6.7 sec reload was fine at 7.0/7.3, but now that it has a 4 sec reload and APHE, it should be 7.7. However, even at 7.7 they were very map dependent, and they were useless in any frontal engagement.

They are a prime example of why balancing based on player statistics is bad.


I know, that’s why I’m asking you to lower their br to 7.0 or better 6.7 because at 6.7 there is an AMX M4 with 260 mm of penetration, although it does not have APHE. In my opinion, after lowering the br, everything will be better, because 4 seconds of reloading does not negate the fact that the AMX has no armour…

In my opinion, the only good thing about AMX for 8.0 is the reload. There is no armour, no stabiliser, no piercing, and excuses like flanking won’t convince me. What do you do when a Maus or IS3-4-6 comes at you? And what do you do when you’re driving and a tank with a stabiliser, which almost all 8.0+ tanks have, comes at you? The mobility is not bad, I don’t argue, but when you can’t implement it because you are not a tank but a free frag… its sad

The AMX M4 on the other hand is an undertiered mean son of a bitch that actually has to be uptiered. And I’m saying this as someone who plays the hell out of that vehicle. It has no right to be at 6.7.

The Char 25T with its protection, size, mobility and reload speed is perfectly fine at 7.7. The AMX-50 TO90 could maybe go to 7.3 due to being the same, but bigger and slower, but no lower than that.


I haven’t found them to be any less effective co spidering all the other br adjustments that happened prior to it. They are fine where they are

7.0 is too low when you compare it to the AMX 50 TOA100 and the Lorraine 40t.

They should be 7.7, and not higher.


You disengage and relocate. Not all tanks are designed for frontal engagements.

Well first off, you take flanking routes and attempt to use your mobility to take up ambush positions. You then strike targets of opportunity from secluded spots and relocate to a nee position. Mobility does not necessarily mean firing on the move.

You have your own opinion, but the statistics on the vehicles performance at 7.7 has, at least in Gaijin’s eyes, been good enough to warrant moving it up in BR. If you use the tank correctly according to it’s strengths it will be a powerful force on the battlefield. Same with the AMX-50 (TO90/930). I quote enjoy the AMX-50 because it is a fast heavy that can sometimes take a hit, but can move and take advantage of flanking incredibly well.

The doctrine of the French during that time is shown well with their emphasis on mobility and autoloaders that are effective, sorry Russia. They don’t play like the other vehicles, especially heavies, at 7.7 or 8.0. Playing them as a brawler or in closer quarters will leave you struggling, but if you flank with them and choose good disabling shots aimed at weakspots and the sides/rear of enemy tanks you will be quite successful.

Yeah but flanking is very quickly becoming impossible in the crappy maps they are ruining.


none of France 7.7 should move until they actually decompress ground i do find it odd they put in my opinion the worst of France 7.7 to 8.0

Ground, Coastal and Bluewater (and Air from what I understand) all need decompression. Game has more players than ever and they stick to the same excuse not to. Why not announce a trial over a weekend? Grow some balls, Gaijin.

What about the Obj 906? Its the same br as Char 25t with better APHE, comparable reload and fully stabilized.

You can really thank the Tiger 2 players complaining about having to fight “cold war” tanks and the insane compression at mid BR’s. I think what really kills both of these tanks is the lack of a line up, france only has 2 non prem 8.0 tanks, and you can compare so many other 8.0s to both the char and amx but its useless cause as gaijin has stated themselves “france has the best light tanks”.

So that’s the reason Char is on the same BR of OBJ906?

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