AMX-32 (105) for second to highest sim bracket

With all the lasers and TVDs and dart rounds in this bracket now, the AMX-30Bs dont seem so hot without stabs. If Gaijin wont add the proper AMX-30 series FCS then why isnt the -32 (105) in the lower bracket?

AMX-30 B2 NEVER had the possiblity to fire on the move, that’s a misconception. What it could do was prepar in advance a long distance shot and take it very acurately, but not on the move.

Neither the AMX-30B2 or the BRENUS had stabilizers.

AMX 32 105 could be added to the 9_2 rotation yeah. I mean, there’s a lot of outdated lineups. Ground simulator battles are so abandoned by Gaijin…

Yes I am aware of this. Still would be nice to have a stabilized sight so you could lase on the move, as it could do with COTAC FCS.

Its my favorite gamemode ;(