AMRAAM Teamkills

So I got the AMRAAMs on my Sea Harrier last night, and I have to ask: Is there something special you need to do to avoid teamkilling with them? I just had two of them go for allies in one game and it got me kicked.

I fired off of an ACM lock, not TWS, but they were maybe a bit low to the ground. It happened in another game as well, but that time the person the missile hit had killed the enemy F-16 I fired at and then flew past where it had been so I don’t think there was anything to be done to avoid it.

Don’t shoot them towards your teammates. You can’t do much other than that. Once they go pitbull there is no stopping them.

The ACM mode does not have IFF, the radar just catches the first target that passes in its field of vision, after that the missile follows the target which has been indicated to it

Exactly. ACM Mode overrides IFF, not only on FOX3, but also FOX1 and FOX2. You lock what you get in front of you and then pray, that there was no overlapping friendly.


Don’t spam and hope to kill someone randomly.

Can i ask what IFF means?

Identify Friend or Foe

Like on the regular radar where enemies have the solid ping and friendlies have the line over them.

As @markimash said, IFF is the identification of ally and enemy, it is a technology which is not present on all radars and which does not work for all operating modes. for example on the F-4j, the RCH and ACM modes do not have an IFF but the SRC does.