Yeah well now you can use a very broken mechanic and effectively nullify any top tier anti air you face.

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lmao I was wondering where the ADATS is for ‘Low ammo SPAA with only RR ammo’ and I realize that it’s a “Tank Destroyer”

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i know it’s gaijin’s fault, my point is it’s now been years since the vehicle was added and it took until last year for them to only fix the missile launcher elevation.

Launcher sight is still fixed to the gun btw which is something that needs to be considered and “fixed” because effectively the missiles still don’t work above the sights range (since you can’t really aim at all)

What? It would literally work the same as the regular AMRAAM just on an SPAA.

Yes the fuse has a minimum.

So does an AIM-9 and every other missile minus a handful whats your point?

Yes but other ground based thats not an issue.

at this point your talking nonsense and its painfully obvious you dont play either air realistic or grb. In the very least never played more than 1 nation

Ground RB USSR and USA

He’s a lvl77 Russian main

Figures so he knows nothing

Just as your a USA main. I completed the ground tech tree so I do know what im talking about.

You’re calling skill issue on ADATS players while yourself never played with one while maining Russia, the nation that has the best SPAA’s in the game, and you don’t have positive KD in any of your vehicles, I think it shows who have the bigger skill issue here.

And it’s not your, it’s you’re!


Every SPAA in the game?

You do know the “proxy fuse” is only there because of server issues with direct impacts right? It helps doesnt hinder it.

Bruh your missing the whole point but ok

so are you

how about a break down for you, AMRAAM=NO Pantsir=NO