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So, the more I play the more I realize Ammunition turning Black or Red and “disappearing” (specifically for 10.0-3 matches) only really helps Russian tanks since their ammo is stored under the crew or near and almost never in the turret so this would be instant kills, I am assuming this mechanic was added to buff to the survivability of Russian tanks for whatever reason stat or otherwise, but that’s just my guess. For Nato tanks, any penetration into the hull and ammo is an instant kill and in recent cases now turret. I’ve had yellow ammo, but never survived a Red or Black ammo pen.

I especially noticed it on the T-72 Turms, 2s38, and the T-72 Moderna:


Bruh pt 2
T-72 Turms (P.S. that’s 2 shots going into the ammo rack and doing nothing…and this guy ended up dropping a nuke because of this, so I was pretty salty.)

2023-10-27 (9)

T-72 Moderna

Now some of these pictures are not direct hits, and some are, the Shrapnel and even Rod in some cases just completely engulf/pass through the ammo rack and nothing happens. If it were a Nato tank it would have blown up instantly. I have had games where just 1 piece of ammo is blackened and it detonates my entire rack, both hull and turret. This game breaking mechanic doesn’t apply to Nato tanks (at least in my experience).

There’s only a few ways to kill some of these tanks frontally or otherwise, and reducing that to a toss up of inconsistent game mechanics just seems so sus. So I just want to know what peoples thoughts are on this, if they have had different experiences and if anyone has any suggestions…(besides “get gud /skill issue/or maybe you just suck, etc” lmao)


Yea for all the reports of the violent unstable ammunition storage in the T70 - T90 series of tanks they sure seem like they are made out of water.


Yes this happens a lot and almost exclusively on soviet tanks.

However, I also had the cas on some Tiger II where I shot the back of the turret or the side racks but it didn’t explode.
It may also have happened once or twice on some Abrams but I’m not quite sure.


I beg to differ.

2A4’s ammo disappearing into the void.

Type 90 (B) doing the same thing.

VIDAR as well.

List goes on…


Funnily enough this happened to me too, not just this but I mean same place, same results, no explosion killing the crew, breach isnt damaged (my shot was closer to the breach and all spall that hit the breach didnt do damage at all)
Ammo disappearing is just how its modeled for everyone in game.

On the contrary to OP i had games where i would die in T-64A because my round turned yellow, thats enough for explosion I suppose.

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I see, I’ve just never had my ammo disappear on any of my leo 2 Variants. Also is there a better picture of that A4? It doesn’t look like the ammo is turning black or yellow from this picture, so I am wondering if the 35mm blast doors caught that shrapnel or not.

Ammo and fuel tank bugs are infesting the game, no nation is safe from those.

Happened to me on multiple occasions, be it on receiving or giving end.

It turned black and disappeared. Here’s video:

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Interesting. Is this a recent game?

Played last night.
All those pictures I posted are not older than a month.


Ammo detonation is inconsistent, as are the blowout panels. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve been shot in the ammo of my Type 10 three times. Once, all my ammo disappeared, but no blowouts reacted. Another time, yellow ammo caused my entire ready rack to cook off, and then I died due to fire as I couldn’t extinguish it. The last time, I died when my ammo was hit on the side of the turret, even though the shell didn’t penetrate the crew compartment. I do agree that generally, that Russian tanks or those without blowout panels benefit more from this bug.

similar things have happened in my type 90, bvm, 2a6 and strv 122

This is mostly an issue with the fact that ammo doesn’t have a 100% chance of exploding.
You mostly notice is more on Russian tanks because you usually only hit 1 piece of ammo, compared to NATO tanks where you are hitting several pieces of ammo.

Ammo should always explode if you hit it imo.

Such an important mechanic shouldn’t have RNG in it in my opinion.


UK tanks with a separate charge store detonates like a bad firework… that said, my M1A2 should have had a proper hatch blow a good few times and nothing happens.

I actually feel sorry for the guy on the other team thinking my ammo is gone yet I still have a full basket remaining.

As i have said many, many, too many times, this is how ammo can black out (copied from another post):

1, The ammo in the rack are not modelled individually

2, It is a 2 piece ammo

Which one does a soviet MBT have? IT HAS 2 PIECE AMMO!

Of yourse you guys don’t cry about a T-54’s ammo not blowing up, because it ALWAYS blows up. Why? Because each ammo is modelled individually, and they are single piece.

Here is Challenger 1 ammo not exploding:

Here is Tiger 2 ammo not exploding:

Here is Maus ammo not exploding (go to 1:05 if the timing in the link does not work):

French ammo not exploding (got to 2:02 if the time in the link does not work):

Nad a bunch of japanese ammo not exploding:

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Ammunition have the same exact rate of explosion on Russian vehicles as they do German & French vehicles.

Source file facts > the conspiracy theory you posted.

My personal experience is a 100% ammo cook rate on Soviet equipment cause I deliberately aim for it & reduce the chances of only fragments hitting.

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Well it is just a shitty conspiracy made up by people with skill issue, in many cases ammo actually does not explode, even if you hit it directly.
It is likely a bug and/or complete incompetence from the devs.
And the sad part is that both options are equally possible.

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I think we notice it more on soviet machines because that is their weak spot, and when it won’t work you get pissed.

I have had experience when leo 2 ammo didn’t explode and just turned black, but I have also had experience with T-72 and BVM ammo not exploding.

The problem is that leo still has a lot of spall, so you can kill the crew easily, but with soviet tanks the ammo or something else eats the spall and you only get 1 crew member.


“Ammo and fuel tank bugs are plaguing the game for years, but here, take your anime pillows, I hope this makes up for it.” - Gaijin

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