Ammo detonation randomness

Ok so I’ve already been through a few posts regarding ammo detonation and the useless “hit” that ensues.
Some people argued that when hit with schrapnel, there was a chance that the ammo wouldn’t detonate.
Other said that when only one ammo is hit, there’s also a chance that nothing happens.

Ok so now, that’s a direct hit in a full ammo box that entirely disapears. No wet stowage or anything like that so just how ?
Can someone give me a clear answer on HOW does that mechanic works and why does it always happen on soviet tanks ?
Not only is it completely unrealistic but it also makes the game completely random and add to the RNG feeling of each shot.

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Just solid shot things

As far as the community knows, internal ammo detonation is subject to RNG.

The datamined “det probability” does not refer to internal ammo detonations (I have tested this extensively, anyone stating otherwise is lying). It controls the probability of a tank experiencing a catastrophic explosion when killed, leaving only a crater and no wreck.

Internal detonation appears to be a server-side setting adjusted per vehicle at gaijin’s whims.

Some tanks just have low ammo detonation chances. Historically, we’ve had one outlier of ridiculously low ammo detonation chances that was changed by snail directly in update notes. The T29 on release had a bugged ammo rack that would not explode at all.

Why do many Russian tanks seem to eat ammo destroying shots and continue trucking? It’s a mystery as far as I know. We do not have access to the code that governs the probability a destroyed ammo rack kills a player instantly, and gaijin is tight-lipped on releasing any info on this.

Most we know is that: if you shoot an ammo rack on around 95% of tanks, there is a very small probability the ammo will simply disappear with no kill.

Some tanks (such as T29 on release) have a higher probability their ammo will just disappear.

The probability ammo explodes when destroyed seems to be above 90% of the time, for most tanks.

Players suspect some tanks have reduced chances, and we have concrete evidence that the chance ammo destruction leading to an explosion is a value that can be changed up or down. (See T29 on release).

Fragmentation or spall hitting ammo has no bearing on if it explodes or not. If you hit a piece of ammo with just fragments and do not destroy it, it will never explode.

Ammo must be destroyed (by anything) to have a chance of instantly killing an enemy tank.

I, for one, believe that any destroyed ammo outside of an uncompromised blow-out rack should immediately lead to a kill. It seems the designers at gaijin do not agree.


Well obviously since the crew would be dead otherwise … but that doesn’t really answer my question.

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That’s probably the best answer i’ve ever seen so thanks.

Indeed I highly suspect that some tanks like the IS-6 and the T-72 have very convenient ammo.
But letting any bias aside, the fact that an ENTIRE rack of ammo simply disappears is completely unrealistic and not fun.

It’s an even bigger problem for solid shot users such as France and the UK and in top tier


The hit cam often renders hit boxes that don’t contain ammo. So it shows a “hit” but since there is nothing to detonate, nothing happens. Also shells are less prone to explosion/fire than propellant.

Ammo explosion doesn’t make any sense in WT. I’ve just destroyed an M16 SPAA by hitting it’s .50cal ammo by 17pdr APDS, while 2-3 battles before an SU-152 just waltzed away only with “hit” and ammo rack blacked…
Inconsistency is what describes this game the best…

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But at least you aren’t exploding every time a fuel tank gets nicked anymore.

Yeah I heard the theory about shells and propellant but on my screenshot it’s clearly an entire ammo not just the warhead.

Also what do you mean by empty ammo boxes ? Usually when they’re empty they’re just not displayed

Leclerc disagrees

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Sometimes they are sometimes they aren’t.

Well then if that’s true that’s clearly a bug or an issue that should be fixed instead if just coping with it.
The more I play and the more I feel the randomness of that game while i quit WoT for that exact reason.

LOL. This game has thousands of bugs like this in it.

I’ve shot German tanks directly in the ammo so many times where it just blackens out and disappears with no to little effect.

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Internal detonation appears to be a server-side setting adjusted per vehicle at gaijin’s whims.

I fully believe there is a lot of manipulation going on behind the scenes, and it wouldn’t be the first time they do it either, like that time there was a random chance a German tank would catch fire from being hit by MGs or when they added an extra line of code to APDS to have a massive drop at 61 degrees so they’d really struggle against 60 degree slope armor.

What is stopping them from giving some crews more HP, reduce shrapnel damage, reduce ammo rack chance or whatever else, maybe once your winrate goes up, your shell performance goes down.

They’ve already admitted to manipulating individual player economies and such so clearly they have a lot of control behind the scenes.


They already do that with/for “crew skills”. So its nothing for shenanigans to be played for other reasons.

What do you mean

Crew skill levels adjust vehicle performance, crew survivability, etc. So in an engagement, the server is already adjusting outcomes based upon variables, not just physics models. So there is nothing to stop it from also tweaking things when the algo decides you should have a good game or not etc.

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I don’t think Gaijin really would go that far to make some players have a worse experience. I also don’t remember anyone making a big stink about Gaijin messing with SL/RP income for individual players and actually admitting it, that’d go front page of reddit and have a massive forum post if it did come out.

Until further evidence to the contrary comes out, I’ll assume Hanlon’s razor remains true and any perceived malice is more accurately explained by incompetence, or incompetence and strange logic chasing complex objectives.

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Yeah it happens on other vehicles than soviet ones I’ve seen it happen sometimes.