American tanks Battle Rating

Since the addition of dynamic BRs for aircraft, such as A-10A(Late) and A-7E(?) for the 10.7, Americans need vehicles in this BR. Some vehicles simply don’t make sense, being much higher than they really should be.
An example is the M1A1 Base which is at 11.0. With average armor and good mobility, it doesn’t count on the M830A1 MP, nor even the M829A2. Which doesn’t make any sense, since the M60-120S which uses exactly the same turret and same ammunition is 10.0.
I don’t believe that the increase in mobility is enough to put it 1.0 above, it could easily be 10.3 since we have Object 292 in this BR which has very similar mobility and armor, having a slower load, but superior penetration.
Another example is the Leopard 2A4 Base which is directly similar and is in 10.3

HSTV-L as already reported in another post, there is no point in being at 11.3 since its direct competitors such as 2S38 and STRF9040 are 10.0, it could also have its BR lowered to 10.3

And to keep company with the M1A1HC in 11.3, the M1A2 Base, which is basically a copy-paste of each other, could go down to the same BR, thus keeping company with the T-80U

IPM1 could return to 10.7 considering that its only major advantages against the other MBTs in this BR is its mobility and rate of fire, since the T-90A for example has a second generation Thermal as well as the T-72B3, and LWS , such as ZTZ-99-II and III

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well except for the fact that the M1A1 has a reload rate aced at 5 seconds and has 598mm of pen at 10 meters flat


It’s still not a factor that should put him 1 point higher, otherwise the 292 with its +600 pen should also be higher

While i agree that the 292 should be higher in BR, the 120 and the M1A1 are 2 different classes of vehicles. I played both and the mobility alone is a killer paired with the 5s reload.

The HSTVL can shine if played and placed right, but it is definetaly too high in BR. 10.7 tops imo. Especially since the introduction of spall liners nerfed its capability.

If M1A1 base and HSTV-L down to 10.7 M1A2 base down to 11.3 as T-80U and M1A1HC and they give to HSTVL his ammo will be already good, but… most part of american vehicles are highBR for no reason

This M1 is among the strongest MBT’s relative to it’s BR in the entire game, and you’re saying it’s not good enough?!

Well it clearly is.

For reference, my M1A1 is my 3rd most played tank of all time, my 5 - 1 K/D ratio is thanks to it’s incredible firepower (even relative to 11.7’s), fantastic mobility, decent survivability, unrivalled gun handling and decent protection.

The M1A1 eats the Object 292 for breakfast.


This is the equivalent of saying the M1 Abrams (10.3) is ‘‘directly similar’’ to a Leopard 2A5.

The base M1A2 is still among the higher end of 11.7 MBT’s, certainly superior to a T-80U, T-72B3, Challenger 2, Challenger 2 TES, Ariete AMV, Leclerc S1/S2, Leopard 2A5, Merkava Mk 4M, Merkava Mk 4B, etc.
And you somehow want it to be at a lower BR?

The whole reason the IPM1 moved up is because it was utterly and horrendously overpowered at 10.7.
You want this thing back at a 80% winrate or something?


All of these absurd statements could only be made by someone who plays US vehicles and nothing else.
Please tell me I’m wrong on that.


My guy here actually saying that the M1A1 is similar to the leopard 2A4.


The Object 292 has 100mm more pen and no other advantages. The M1A1 reloads twice as fast, has twice as much gun depression, twice as much turret traverse, turret elevation speed is eight times faster, has three times the reverse speed, one more crew member, 4s faster repair, thermals, a HMG, smoke grenades and better survivability. How are they equal?


This is why the community can’t balance the game. The M1A1 is twice the tank the 292 is.


Oh with the worse armor, worse gun (by a LOT), and the same mobility?

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HSTV-L is tied for best 11.3 light tank in the game.
It has no competitors. 2S38 and Strf 9040C are far slower with far worse rounds.
M1A1 HC is a fine 11.3 with a better round than T-80U.
And M1A2 has an even better round.
IPM1 is fine at 11.0.

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Huge amount of competition, still isnt the best or tied with the best.

This doesn’t matter. T-80 can pen the abrams in the exact same spots its always been able to and the abrams didnt need M829A2 to pen the T80U hull either

HSTV-L is the fastest accessible tank in the game, 2nd to none.
It’s faster to 70kph in half the time it takes 2S38.
It’s top speed is 81kph, the fastest among tracked vehicles.
It fires a 300mm+ penning 1kg projectile.
Its gun laying is 2nd to none.

That’s cool. I don’t remember bringing up the 2S38.

I know you don’t play the game (or you’re terrible at it, either/or) but the HSTV-L is well known to have the worst dart in the game. It is the single reason the tank doesn’t do well.

1.5:1 KDR in the stock HSTVL, a higher performance than all my other auto-lights thus far.

HSTVL has the single best dart of the auto-lights, anyone saying otherwise hasn’t played the game.

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I don’t care. Do you understand that personal stats do not matter, and by bringing them up you dilute your argument? Lmao.


Perfect example.

That video proves the statements in my post correct.

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Cognitive dissonance, explain exactly how that works pal