Am I really just that bad at the game?

Im a German player, relatively new to the game at about level 30. I just got into the 8.0 area and it seems like I am the only player without godlike hearing and perfect shot placement 100% of the time. Crest any hill, Im dead. Turn any corner, im dead. Try to go around and flank, someones already waiting for me, im dead. Is it just map knowledge, like everyone else just knows exactly where the enemy is, and where they are going, and Im just the moron who’s too dumb to know? Tell me if I just suck ass or if any other newish players have this problem. Do experienced players love people like me who have to look for players and don’t know instinctively where to look? because thats how it feels. Since Ive gotten to rank 5, It just seems like 9/10 matches I go 0 kills 0 assists, 6 deaths. Am I ass?

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I mean engines are stupidly loud and people can hear you coming from a mile away.

Map knowledge also is a thing of course where most people will be coming from the same locations every map, if you follow a generic path, people will know where you’re coming from before you know it.
Maps being small and the Snail making them smaller constantly doesn’t help with this either.

At 8.0 you’ll also face more stabilized vehicles, who have an easier time getting on target or just have enough pen to aim center mass of whatever vehicle you’re using.

A lot of it is awareness as well, pay attention to the mini map, see where your team is dying and avoid doing the same thing, if multiple people are dying you can try to triangulate where the enemy might be at, but that might require some map knowledge as well.

And when people get killed you can also see what killed them, this can tell you if it’s a good idea to try and engage this target or not, if you’re uptiered and there’s a heavy tank out there, you might want to avoid that enemy, or if it’s something you want to kill, you can decide on where to shoot this target instead of having to make a split second decision.

You probably just need to slow down a bit and get a feel for what is going on, instead of finding out the hard way.


If you are at 8.0 you are playing against guys who have been in the game for a literal decade.
You only have 800 and something games, which means you are a relative newb still. If you aren’t competitive at a BR, as in can be consistently in the top half of the scoreboard, you need to go back to lower tiers and work on all that already mentioned. Map knowledge, situational awareness, learning to spot, peek, etc. etc.

Oh yes, of course.


[quote=“greedygobli88792, post:1, topic:67953”]
Im a German player, relatively new to the game at about level 30. I just got into the 8.0 area… [/quote]

Wow, stop right there, because that is exactly why you are bad right now.


Level 30 is still the tutorial.

Key thing is patience, if I hear you, I will out-wait you until you peep the corner. I have no problem turning my engine off listening to you rumble around a corner. That said, stop and listen, each nation has more or less a unique engine sound.

I use DTS Spaital sound with headphones which is great at telling me exactly where tanks are in close proximity.

Map knowledge helps, over time players are pretty predictable and there will be “lanes” in which the bulk of the players go and or camp.

Play off (exploit) your teammates, let them move ahead and take the hit and expose the enemy instead you.


I mean honestly you’re not playing bad.

For one, you’re always going to get guys up here, I don’t think you had seen him until he killed the BMP on C and it was a bit risky for you to drive up the hill and be exposed like that, but worked out.


Spraying MGs here to knock the bush is definitely going to help the enemies find you

You did get a good kill on him though.

The T26E5 here did get scouted by the BMP on C.

It’s a bit ballsy to go up here with all the enemies on the minimap and it’s a pretty exposed location, but you used binocs and everything so I think it was okay.

When the plane shoots you though, it does mark you for everyone, and that’s where you probably should have backed off as you’re pretty exposed up there.

You also forgot about the T26 which you should be able to hear at this point.

And with the lack of friendlies in the area it should have been expected it was going to be your problem at some point after having seen him get scouted earlier on.

Not sure if you ever noticed this AMX though

This was just a poor shot because you did have time to get on target

This also didn’t really help you, it just meant he was going to be hidden there for at least another 20 seconds behind the building, the plane killing you after was just bad luck.

Here it’s fine to be scouting it out

But if you were looking for the T26, you weren’t paying attention to the kill feed and mini map.

This is the only real just bad play I think, parking on their side, entirely exposed from multiple angles when capping a zone.

Obviously easy to talk in hindsight, I only would have moved when the plane marked you when you were exposed on the hill and relocate, been more worried about the T26 that was scouted and never killed or be more aware of the engine sound and capture C from the opposite side.

Ultimately you were just mostly alone on that side of the map.


Good take away here in general is, watch your replays


Keep going it will only get worse :). Wait until Gajin alter the maps and that bit of map knowledge you got is worthless or the great line up you made is destroyed by a pointless BR shift. They will stop you from settling, of that you can be sure.

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When you explain it, that was some pretty bad plays that match. I feel like I just need to work on my awareness lmaoo

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im the average german main :(

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Nothing too crazy really, you’d have been fine in the Tiger ll if you had more teammates around, your second death was just unfortunate with the plane, not much you could have done there but might have been able to get the kill on the T26 with a better shot.

Again the only bad thing was trying to cap C whilst parking in front of C, instead of going to the other end and next to a building so you can only be shot from the front where your armor is.

You’d still struggle to stay alive against 3 enemies here, but getting an extra cap and kill never hurts and might make a difference at some point.

Just try to stick with your team more, don’t shoot MGs unnecessarily, avoid running over tall trees and such, it’s not that you’re outright a bad player or doing something really wrong, sometimes a game just plays out like that.

I can play games where I just get nothing done, and the next game with the same vehicles or even the same map I can wipe half the enemy team, just how the game works.


I don’t like the game after 6 BR . I have been playing 3 years, I think.
Have you considered dropping down for a while?
Are you on GRB or arcade? You will learn a lot by playing arcade even of you dont like it as much.

All I can say is those who get the top positioning in the game seem to be down tiered but also they are generally in a squad. Do yourself a Favour and join a good squadron.
Warthunder lessons on tap.

Do you wear headphones?
Go into sound and turn your engine volume to 0% while turning other engines up as desired.
This helped me a great deal.
And don’t go rushing in! Let others take a hit so you can see where the shot came from.

Just my .02.

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It may help if you explain to them why w/o being too presumptuous.
Just my .02.

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You sir, know how to give creative and helpful feedback. Good on you!


No. As stated situational awareness is key, being able to spot enemies, or hear them is a major part of the game.

Prior to 8.0 how did you feel you played?

Every match can be a different experience. Sometimes I’ll have a great game, the next I can barely get a kill.

Map layouts, teams, teammates (I’ve had my entire team trying camp the enemy spawn on one side while ignoring the rest of the map) , enemy team experience, country your playing, vehicles you play etc all can factor in on your ability to play well.

Shot placement is important also, but after grinding out the M-51 with it’s HESH round, you can roll the dice on whether or not it’ll work. I’ve had matches with it where it was causing massive damage and even one shot kills, and the next match same situations, it either didn’t register or simply bounced.

I would suggest tinkering with your sound settings, and maybe rolling back a BR or so to get more experience with maps and work on your situational awareness.


You bought your way to high tier. If you have a headset that can emulate surround sound I suggest using it. It’s not perfect, but it will save you from driving into someone’s gunsight. I would also suggest dropping down to lower tiers to learn the maps and earn some points for your crew. That way when you get back to 8.0 your team won’t hate you.

Oh and don’t be afraid to turn off your engine sometimes. I’ve gotten a few ambushes that way. Turn off your engine sometimes to listen and don’t move your turret. That’ll eat your battery alive while your engine’s off.

You bought your way to high tier.

Based on what?

That’s mistake #1. Do not crest hills. Be like water, and flow with the lowest points on the terrain. Any time you crest a hill it’s like waving a red flag at a bull; someone will be looking, and someone will be taking the shot.

The short answer: yes.

The long answer: yes. There is no substitute for map knowledge, and knowing where the “usual” flanking routes are. And then you use that knowledge to out-flank the flankers.

I’ve been playing for a decade and I still get shot by people I didn’t see. Even though I keep telling myself “I bet someone’s there”.

Yes. But hear me out, everyone is ass. Especially when you hit the 8.0/9.0 area where you go from WW2 and early cold war vehicles into more advanced stuff with laser rangefinding and thermals, and way more sneaky little vehicles that will scout you and you’ll never know. (at least if we’re talking realistic battles).

But take a death as a learning experience - wait out the kill cam, and see where it came from. Do that enough and you too will start figuring out where to be looking for that new guy cresting the hill ;)

tl:dr; it’s all experience and map knowledge.


Level means jack. Years have meaning. You can be a level 100 and only just returned after 5 years of inactivity. Which means you are comparable to a new player. So tip, instead of progressing to the top go play lower levels. You went too quickly and well you gave us the literal definition of German Mains. Though that’s also an inside WT joke.