Almost 800 SP to get into a plane now? Most of my friends have no left because of this :(

Unbelievable. Our entire fun of playing this game was to play CAS and support each other on the ground etc. Now it costs twice as much SP to do so and 6 of our group of 10 players has left because of it. After 7 years of playing this game, that puts me out now too. Why bother even having planes if your just going to discourage people from playing CAS and make it so ridiculously expensive to get into a plane? I realize no one here will give a damn, but I just thought I should at least put it out there why Gaijin is losing some of it’s long time players.


Well, it seems you can’t edit typos after you post, so I’ll correct the title here. “Most of my friends NOW left because of this”

What happened to the good ol days when you could edit your posts. If there is a button to do so, I sure as hell can’t find it!@!! And like everything else with this company, it’s always so complicated to do anything.

Isn’t that just with guided load outs which are basically guaranteed kills?
What about just something with a good gun and dumb bombs?
Heli’s without guided load outs can be spawned in right from the start. Even the French starter heli can low level carpet bomb any enemy if you have a spotter so they know where to go as they can’t see much flying tree top level. If you got a crew willing to work together you can make even the crappiest CAS aircraft work because you’ll have intel and the element of surprise.

Seems to be any planes for me. First, I went to play 7.3 BR USA Ground RB. The planes I have in my 7.3 lineup are only 5.3 and 5.0. Cost was like 600+ SP. So I switched to 3.3 Germany and it was 767 SP for the HE 111 (3.0 br with 2500 KG bomb), 716 for the BF 109 (3.0 br with 250 Kg bomb), and 600+ for Ju 87 D5 (3.3br with 500 kg bomb and 250 kg bomb x2). I played two more battles and the SP requirements were the same, so I quite out of the game.

It’s because CAS was too strong for how cheap it was at these BRs. It is more fair now. I bet this has kept more players than it has made leave


Ah yeah I never really play CAS in those BR’s. I think what Balanced_Game says makes sense because no radar guided SPAA, slow tanks, slow aircraft (that can accurately drop dumb bombs as big as 5 tons) make for quite the turkey shoot. I know in Enlisted (same engine, similar flight mechanics, pretty much same vehicles) any tank that that enters the field is instantly deleted if I fly an attacker/bomber.

Above a certain BR range, I think starting in 9.0 or along that area (don’t quote me on this, I don’t play CAS much anymore), SPAA are just disproportionately strong, and CAS aircraft SP cost and repair costs are just not justified after that.
On top of that, the strong SPAA are basically concentrated in just a few nations, the same nations that also have the best CAS planes. So if you’re playing against the USSR at high BRs, just don’t use CAS or SPAA yourself because more often than not you’ll just get stomped.

Gaijin really needs to add more SPAA and other equalizers to minor nations, and remove the minor nation class altogether, before adding new hard-to-balance content, IMO.

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Now about your cas situation, but sorry isnt that mostly a skill issue?
If you played well enough in the tanks you wouldnt have problems to spawn the planes, if necesary make smaller loadouts you can take with less spawn points required.
It simply is a fact that GRB looked more like ARB a lot of times and it wasnt fun for ground players any more if the enemy had complete air superioritys with 5-8 planes in the air.
Spaa is hard pressed as well to do sth against that many planes in low brs specialy if they are open top as well.
Other tanks as well got easily bombed since planes can easily survey the whole battlefield, the simplest solution to that is to increase the needed SP


Skill Issue? You’re right. There is a skill issue. If players aren’t willing (or are too unskilled) to get into an AA (or another plane) and shoot those pesky planes down, then there is the real skill issue right there. Shooting down planes is not exactly difficult. Heck, it’s not even difficult to shoot down CAS with your tank’s mounted MG.

Let’s face it. The average player isn’t going to be able to get 7-8 ground kills to get into a plane (with the battles being so small and short lived lately, there just isn’t that many tank kills to go around), so CAS will be unattainable by the average player.

Ticket bleed is just too fast for everyone to have equal opportunity to get into CAS. Not everyone likes to play a brawling style of game. Some of us actually like to play for fun, like a group of us flanking in amphibious vehicles, or a group of T95’s or MAUS’, etc. So those wanting to play for fun aren’t likely going to have access to CAS (to extend that fun to CAS). People will be forced to just go for the greedy kill count, instead of tactical fun.

They should have just gotten rid of CAS altogether rather than make it so only the top 3-4 players can get into a plane. They’re going to lose many CAS players anyway, just to satisfy all those whining about getting killed by CAS when shooting down planes has never been easier.

I don’t think preventing 70%-80% of players in a battle from being able to play CAS is the answer to those whining about getting killed by CAS when the aforementioned solution is already available… Anti-CAS. If your team is getting killed by planes, you can J-out and get into an AA or another plane and even things back out. Sadly, now the “getting into a plane” option has been too severely restricted to be a viable and realistic option.

What’s ironic is that they just added new messages to warn of planes and to request CAS LOL

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You’d be wrong. SPAA in those BRs are exceptionally weak now… it sounds like you’re a time traveller from 2021 or 2022.

L.O.L. Try to shoot down a plane in French CCKW or crusader AA… CAS is OP, deal with it.
wanna play air battles? go play air battles. Ground battles should be with LIMITED air support, thats how it should look like, not hopping in light tank, get 2 kills and decimate entire enemy team with Me 410/P61…


I play 10+ most of the time and only missiles cas ( tv or laser ) are expensive in SP, spawn with cannons or AA missiles its pretty cheap. If I am correct (98% sure ), it doesn’t even requieres a kill, with a zone cap, assist or scout, you can spawn them

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Well…that is the result of the “pure tankers’” constant whining and guess what: they want the spawn requirements to rise even further.


problem is that most players - aka those “i want ma ground only mode” dont want to hop in a AA or a plane to counter CAS, they just see tanks… but what most dont understand is that Ground Realistic battles stands for well… Reality aka what happens in a real war/battle scenario where tanks are not alone on a battlefield, thare are support vehicles/planes/ helis etc. If you want cheaper SP for CAS, play a LT and you can get faster and cheaper in a CAS plane… thats mostly best thing you can do in order to play more CAS.

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To be fair i can agree on that most of players down spawn SPAA at all. And 1-3 good players in SPAA can delete CAS. But some nations on some BRs have problem with having capable SPAA (Not Germany or Russia) like in France where you have same 4.3 SPAA until you research 8.3 radar one. That is why i would love to see more SPAAs that would be added to all TT filling the massive gaps they have there.

But on the other hand spawning CAS with full load out was pretty easy. I remember a German puma (low tier) or M22, BT-5 rushing the cap point, capping it and then J out to spawn a fully loaded CAS… So i agree that there should be SP increase for fully loaded CAS so you need to do something more then just cap and get a assist. The SAM SPAAs are also wonky lately with all those missiles change.

i know what you’re saying… it should not be possible to spawn in a vehicle with max 2.0 br than the rest of your lineup… this should cover the low tier vehicles to rush for CAS you mentioned.

Is it really that hard?

Yesterday I was able to spawn into a plane with 114 SNEB (400mm pen) rockets by just getting one kill.

Last time I checked, I was able to spawn into fully loaded russian P-47 right after just capping a zone.

Then even if You need 800 SP to spawn in whatever plane You want, then You use scouting mechanism and get it cheaper without any issue.

If anyone is having a problem spawning in the air right now, he should consider getting better. Otherwise Gaijin could just allow anyone to spawn in fully loaded air vechicle from the start… oh wait they tried it and it failed.

WT CAS is too expensive to spawn. A jet with full ground ordnance and ground ammo belt (costs alone 130 spawn points) costs almost 900-1000 spawn points.

Its especially bad since top tier matches are over rather fast. Sometimes around 5 mins before everything is basically just a mopup phase with looking for the last two guys. There is just no way to use fixed wing cas in a meaningful way. Earning 1000 spawn points takes usually longer than a typical match or at least when you spawn in its just not much left to do.

Problem of the high SP costs is not the problem itself, its the problem that after you get this high amount of needed SP, you hop in the airplane and in next 10 sec you get obliterated from 15 km away by a SPAA with 70 SP… its just not fair. i am talking about top tier here ofcourse.

If You fly in a straight line then this is skill issue again.