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Hi all

I know that things in the world are complex, but have they changed to the point of allowing this emblem in the game?


Did you report them?


If you really care you need to report him.

Gaijin cant scan user emblems constantly to check if someone put swastika on tank or not…


In the words of In ‘Extricating Young Gussie’, Saturday Evening Post (18 Sep 1915), 10. “If you hunt for a needle in a haystack you don’t find it. If you don’t give a darn whether you ever see the needle or not it runs into you the first time you lean against the stack.”

To put this simply, you try finding every single person who does this, and coding a system that scans for these symbols can be abused not by the player, but it falsely banning or temp banning people. Pre-maturely making an assumption.


I believe it is allowed in historical skins, but nothing else. I’d have to assume if you dislike this persons actions, to report them, but as far as guidelines, it doesn’t specifically state it isn’t allowed.


Nah, it’s entirely clear…

They think they’re clever, but nah… Report it, get them shown the door.

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Please report them through the server replay function. That symbol is not allowed.


Thanks to you for the reply.

I reported it and I hope gaijin does something.

I’ve been playing since 2015 practically every day. I hope Gaijin does something about this.

The world is going through a complicated situation in which events from World War II seem to be repeated live.


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Gaijin can’t do anything about it, people always find a way, this is simply down to you making the report. Via Server replay. Which in my own opinion should be connected to the report button. Since most of us didn’t even know Chat reports and Replay reports were separate. But i digress have a nice day.

Thank you for reporting it.

I will also advise that while you should play the game as much as you want, take some time off from it some days just so you don’t get burnt out because that will cause you to stop playing for quite a while.


Thank you, but I’m 74 years old and I don’t spend time on my PC. I go out to date .lol



Of course it’s not allowed in the game. Look at Gaijin’s own Nazi era skins on the planes. No swastickers, just crosses instead. Look at the German flags in game.

The Z is more offensive than this due to relevance, but I doubt those people get reprimanded.


That’s not comparable though… In Germany displaying any of those swastikas is illegal hence why games don’t display it… For this person to make thier own they have gone to effort to put that horrid marking on thier vehicle, and are going to pay the price because of the significance of it.

In the terms of history but more so because they went to the effort to make it.

It is necessary to prevent these things from becoming common, as this is how this type of ideology thrives.
Note that nowadays, you can see terrible things that shouldn’t be happening.
This game is very good and deals with a delicate subject, but the direction of the game seems to be going well and I hope it continues like this.

Not entirely true. Showing swastikas in media that can be consodered “art” or for educational purposes is perfectly legal in Germany, which is why movies are allowed to show it.

If any game developers dragged this to court, I am sure, they could succeed as well, but probably at the cost of a higher age rating.

Showing the “Z” symbol in support of that current event is a crime in Germany though, yet nothing is done to enforce that in the game and when asked the game masters claim that the symbol is not forbidden, even though it definitely is.

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Thing is, this swastika, and swastikas of this nature ARE illegal as they are definitively ‘that one’ not the artistic or peace one.

You making this excuse is ignoring that directly.

This, is actually correct,

Swastikas like in the opening post are indeed illegal.

Swastikas that are part of historically accurate depictions of the era are legal, if they appear within a work of art or education.

The post that you reacted to showed how Gaijin censored swastikas in places, where showing them could actually be legal if the devs went to court and argued that their game is a work of art or serves an educational purpose.

Even seeing that they allowed swastikas in games at 2018, it doesn’t excuse what this is, and how it’s portrayed…

It’s not art, and it’s just a kid being edgey, knowing they’re being provocative.