Allow players to test-drive all vehicles

well why do you think we can’t test drive every vehicle in the first place

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Because the Snail is a dick?


less useless player. every coin has 2 sides. i played only test rounds because i was too shit to play against other players after i wanted to get higher tanks so i grinded them. that “playground” gets boring after a few hours like u try a prem plane it gets boring in that test fly so u go for it. but letting everyone test how the plane/vehicle goes should be fine. what do you want to test when u hit lv 100? some random line top tier plane/tank while you have 70% researched. definetly makes sense.
its a f2p game and they wont spend anyway also they´d rather play arcade at low tier than grinding everything in realistic. at the same time lets limit the amount of low br battles so they will be forced to grind also dont let them pass a random br until they buy a pack and a year of prem. : )
nobody will play 200h in test rounds so they go play pvp and if they think its hard game then they delete. EZ

they wont delete the game after that dw. also if they want to fly around and those theres a game for that. its just stupid… why would anyone download the 55gb game and after 2 hours of testing they delete? its the biggest BS ive ever seen mate. they test and they go for it to play in real time.

Hmm. I don’t know about “after reaching X levels.”

First thing I’d have to ask to clarify is what kind of “test drive” you mean, as the term’s used in two different locations - you can “test drive/fly/sail” any premium already, for instance, and fire at (and hilariously bounce off of …) tanks or other bot enemies depending on the tier of vehicle, and then there’s things like the “test drive” that unlocks for X many hours or days as a drop or reward that you can take into the live game.

For the first? No, there shouldn’t be a level limit, though if you wanted to limit that (or open it up…) having anything available to fly/drive/sail against 'bots that are within, say, the next tier (maybe up to Tier III if you’re in I, though) so you can get a feel for what you’re grinding towards… that, I’d see as more of an incentive for people to keep playing.

For the second? … I could see some sort of level effect on it. A universal test drive (because I know I’ve been “awarded” test drives on things I was completely uninterested in) you could pick to use on an otherwise locked vehicle after X many levels for a vehicle within Y tiers/premium/squad makes sense. (And, sure, after you hit 50 or 100, open it all the way up - you should have the experience eventually to deal with some new higher tier vehicle or mechanic at that point.) That would simply be another carrot - “ugh, this grind… oh, wait, I got a test drive, that vehicle’s in the next level, ooh that’s fun, I can keep going and get that” - to keep people interested.


I would like to try out different vehicles instead of just buying something that might be junk.

New players could test drive MBTs and mess around with different nations to see what they’d like to play.

Also allowing players to use the full loadouts in test drive would be great whether the modification is researched or not.


Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.