Allow Bushes to be Turned Off in Graphics

I think that there should be an option in graphics to toggle off bushes on tanks. Everyone I talk to (who have bushes on their tanks) about bushes, express that they don’t have an unfair advantage and that it is purely cosmetic. So it would only make sense that there would be an option to turn them off all together when in game? I don’t buy bushes but I sure do see the obvious advantage they grant the wallet warriors. If the arguement is true that it is purely cosmetic, then the user is the only one who cares about how their tank looks, right? Long story short, if bushes truely don’t give a player an advantage over other regular players, then it would be completely acceptable for there to be an option to turn those off altogether or at the very least be free to all players in general, right? All thoughts and opinions welcome.


They provide advantages, so them being purely cosmetic is just some personal feeling. Just like crew skills and Ace status on vehicles; purchasable but able to earn too (though crew and Ace are insane at mid tiers, let alone top).

Fortunately the OP pack of bushes will be held by relatively few players. They did make them slow to accrue though when the WB shop merged with the new Battle Pass con (now with tech tree vehicles hidden behind a £20 paywall… shame).

And a bush does nothing if you learn to flank and spank.


Sure, if we can turn off drones and cas too, then let’s do it!


How about we disable ULQ mode instead? That way I can finally stop getting crossmapped by ULQ cheaters who don’t have to actually work hard to find tanks behind concealment.


Of course it gives you an edge. When you hide your tank’s weak points. Especially when they’re small enough, your opponent, especially in close combat, will hesitate before firing.
Added to the volumetric shell system, it’s not always easy to destroy a heavy tank.

It’s a 3D item for which you have to pay, but which can be obtained for free with a lot of work: 1 bush every 2 or 4 months (Catalogue warbonds)


If only deleting ULQ would change anything, like the setting that turns off grass in scope, the setting that limits the range of rendering objects… But it is all ULQ fault

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i used to constantly die in certain Heavy USSR vehicles because people could easily identify what tank i am and where my weak points are. Now i am surviving for longer and actually feel like i’m playing with a heavy tank, with many satisfying ricochets and non-pens. The fact is: i earned all of these bushes for free with warbonds, and i only bought last 2 with the spare GE that i made with selling Market vehicles that i earned from events.
So i disagree with that, it offers a advantageous and more realistic aspect to war thunder. You can argue its for wallet warriors but i earned them basically for free with grinding, it is annoying sometimes to face tanks that you can’t even identify what it is. But most of the time i recognize what tank it is and eliminate it with the supposed weak point.

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Rich coming from the one crying about bushes. Your lack of self-awareness is fantastical.


Many of which are directly tied to ULQ mode, but I’ll tell you what; Remove it all permanently - ULQ and every other setting that functions as a get out of jail free card for potato pc users and blind people.

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News flash, child - I also play Air. I hit top tier air before ground, and I’ll tell you something extra interesting; skill doesn’t play as the top factor.

Now, go sit in the corner and cease this impudent attitude.


They are not tied to ULQ mode as You can turn the off in any settings that You set


You can camp on the airfield and generally be untouchable thanks to AF AA until you’re timed out for inactivity, though that’s a different discussion.

ULQ also functions in Air RB - mentioning RB as that’s what I play - to clear out cloud cover rendering people incapable of even attempting to use cloud cover to reset fights, get the jump on people or remain undetected, though in tiers with radar that bit alone loses nearly all viability. Not to mention that skill is not always the determining factor in ARB, especially when you are in a superior aircraft, so your insistent implication of everything being decided by skill is objectively false.

They are tied to ULQ in giving handouts to people with poor PC performance and/or have vision issues.

Better that it all be removed. Gaijin should’ve never sanctioned such cheating privileges in the first place.

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‘Cheating privileges’ lmao, You can turn this on Yourself


As ULQ stated, anyone can use ULQ or as I do, turn off certain settings in graphics such as “Grass in Sights”…ya, I’m a cheater, did that!!! No more then a guy with a credit card buys bushes, hell more power to him. Pay to win is part of the “for profit” concept of game development. Buy premium air/tanks and win the fight? Well first, in WT it’s better to be lucky then skilled or using a credit card. CQC maps removes skill and luck is the big winner. We all go through periods of bad luck, hell I have even noted a time of day here when the kids come out to play and games just suck, so play to avoid those times. Remember this, player satisfaction is superseded by player frustration, as that generates spending real money to try and get good. If you play just for fun, takes the pain out (not entirely) to some extent. Never seen a bush stop an AP round ;)

If I’m not running WT on a console I’m running it on a 3060, though a 3090 would be nice but isn’t needed. As for pride; I’m more proud of keeping my 11 year old vehicle in good shape and my slowly growing arms and ammo collection rather than the hardware I use to game.

You got the audacity to call me a jobless neet? Funny, I spend more time working than anything else so I can support myself and my hobbies - Something that at this point I doubt you have much if any experience with.

But go on, keep mouthing off like a petulant child - Amuse me more with your larping as a complete clown.

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No, I don’t think I will because I don’t need sanctioned cheating just to perform well in this game.

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Typical response from someone that has a massive skill issue and needs something to explain it.

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This is true, however there’s less Pay2Win elements in the game unless you’re buying something Russian - most of the time - compared to Pay2GrindSkip, which is something nearly everyone participates in to some extent.

Seeing how I maintain a positive KDR skill issue arguments don’t apply to me. Try something else.

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