Allow ammo refill in spawn

Stupid game design.

If you do need to rearm, then plan accordingly as the game already allows you to max load your vehicle or you need to capture a point.

In fact the new ammo refill mechanics in those caps are damn good. Great fun for my SPAA to reload full and partial belts.

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I did not state otherwise. I stated that this design is stupid and the game should allow you to rearm in spawn.

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I agree for most tanks. But for many IFVs and SPAAs with only 4 missiles as their primary effective armament, simply capping isn’t an option


You have a minority opinion.


I belive a spawn refill point or something like it was on the road b=map for later this year.

To my knowledge this is only for SPAAs and it will be limited.

I would prefer a full reload mechanic for all ground vehicles in spawn.

SPG and ATGM carriers are also on that list. However, it will be up for a vote so it could become all vehicles but it’s not until much later.

I’ve mentioned spawns being FOB’s multiple times now cba retyping but yes ammo/crew refill/repairs should all be available in spawn, just like an airfield.

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Returning to spawn should auto refill ammo and max heal crews, like landing at an air strip does for planes.


Spaa is underpowered at most BRs.

I think spawns should be treated as an uncappable camp point, if you are in the spawn you can re arm, and get crew like normal. It would help in situations like that, and would be a great change.

Make a suggestion about it.


I dont think I do, the only way top tier ground rb cas is playable is if the spaa either isnt paying attention, or you have the weaponry to. I think you are closed minded enough to push aside any opinion that isn’t yours because you think your’s is superior. I understand why people don’t like cas in ground rb, they think its too overpowered but i find that is mostly out of a place of jealousy of the people who did grind out the aircraft. Drones are the “fix” to that, but they dont do a very good job. With respect, I think you are the issue, but feel free to explain your opinion.

There is no nation in the game now currently lacking 12.7 CAS.

Italy and Japan both have access to AGM-65Bs, Sweden was given the Gripen as was Britain.

I disagree, the russian top tier spaa, even down the the shilka outranges and outperforms aircraft even if the pilot knows of them being there. I’m no ace pilot but in my best attempts at a pantsir, I rarely even harm them. I will say that if you play russia, I would understand your point of view but from the POV of a discord I created of over 30 people who play consistantly at top tier, more than 25 of us complain frequently of specifically russian spaa being overpowered, but there are others that are as well. The only counter to the spaa is flying low enough that they cant see you but that only works if you dont know you are already there or if you are going supersonic. When you are in a plane like the a10, a6e, some other jets that are around the .9M to 1.1M range, they have an extremely hard time even getting close to most spaa. It’s something that needs a change, Maybe for one reason or another, but the currently implemented system does not work the way it should. I understand that most people arent trying to get into planes and are most just trying to grind with their vehicles to get the next better thing in the tree, but I and many others who have grinded enough for a while like to enjoy a nice bit of killing followed by cas. Which, might I add, costs multiple kills just to be shot down within 10 seconds of me spawning. Let me know what your experience with spaa has been so I can better understand your view

Shouldn’t be one crew, should be a fresh new tank, just like an airfield.

Yes that’s why you need FNF missiles which every nation does through the AGM65B which is on the planes and nations I listed.

France has the PGM, Russia itself has a missile which outranges top tier SPAA entirely.

There is no nation that currently lacks equipment to combat SPAA.

I don’t think that would be very balanced, it would mostly just promote camping in your spawn and not pushing towards capture points to win the game. Spaa would be incredibly overpowered if I could just sit in the spawn and fire missile after missile and somebody with no plan on having to limit use of ammo or getting more. It’s a trade off, do i fire a lot or do i save so i last longer

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The Shilka? The Shilka is awful, woefully poor compared to the offerings 0.3 BR above it. The Shilka has one radar for search and track, awful vertical tracking angles, poor tracking speed and no fancy belts to use vs tanks and it’s just slow.

If a vehicle is sitting still, guess what that makes it an easy target for…

Also if people just sit in spawn, they won’t win the game, they’ll simply lose to point bleed from having no caps. AND if spawn points were designed correctly, you wouldn’t be able to shoot out from them and into them.

I completely disagree, most of these require altitude or clear line of site to use which is not possible in most aircraft because of the spaa’s range and munitions available combined with its abiilty to move while doing so. I think the pantsir as an example would be somewhat balanced if it had to use the stabilizers on the sides to fire then to move had to pick them up, but you have to use laser guided munitions or tv and hope they dont move. Its not even close to equal when you realise that spaa costs under 100 SP most of the time which the cheapest you can spawn a plane in for is often over 500. Not to mention, only guns is about 450-500 and guided munitions, whether its 1 or 18 gbu 12s, costs sometimes 800 SP. If Spaa required the same spawn points as other ground vehicles and planes scaled in price with the quantity of munitions it would almost makes sense but you can’t, in any way shape or form justify the current cost of the vehicles when you place them up against eachother.