All vehicle Mode Multi nation test Drive

can i ask on the test drive why do we only have one enemy to test a vehicle against yet in battle we have all nations?
My idea to answer this is instead of having one nation just testing against the one fought historically ,IE!!! Britain vs Germany ,Russia vs same, china vs japan so on and so forth.
We have a large test drive map can we not have various vehicle from each nation to test against including the one being tested ,as you know even same nation vehicles face each other in game .
That way players get know know not only the weakness of the tank they are testing but also weaknesses and strength’s of others they may play.
The armour customisation is okay to show shell effects but a multi test drive would give players especially new ones some tactical shooting practise against nation all comers.



Further to this post i would be curious to know if any player or players would prefer if WT gave us a test drive that not only test the shells against armour of one nation but testing perhaps nations that fought against each other in WW2
For instance
Russia would face Germany, Italy ,Hungary , japan so the test drive would allow this .
Germany would face off against Britain, America, Italy , Russia .
Britain Against Italy , Germany ,Japan
America Against Italy , Germany , and japan
japan would face Russia ,America , Britain .
Roughly same idea but more specific and it would give new players knowledge of where to hit a tank to kill it

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There was something like that before back in 2018-2021 changed 2022.

maybe ealire I don’t rember been playing for awhile.