All ground vehicles should get a second spawn

This would go a long way to deal with the one death leaving issue in my opinion, as regardless of your reasons and motivations, an extra spawn in the same vehicle is going to be worth it, effectively working like a backup, but the ones available in the game not sustainable.

People who are farming using a premium vehicle do not want to respawn in a TT vehicle, likely don’t even have a competitive TT vehicle, and even if they did, it’s a waste of time.
People who want to spade a vehicle also do not want to spawn in a different vehicle.

People just want to play their favorite vehicle or a vehicle they just unlocked, instantly dying in them is just frustrating and people will leave so they can use it in a different game instead of wasting 15 minutes just to get another attempt.

Backups are your only way to achieve this, but having to spend thousands of warbonds every month sucks, and you really don’t’ get that many of them to sustain you for hundreds of games, and quite frankly what is the point when you can just leave the game and join a new one for free?

An added bonus of this is that it effectively doubles the amount of vehicles in the game, minor nations that struggle to make an effective lineup suddenly get double the options, or Germany at top tier that hasn’t gotten a new tech tree vehicle in years since the 2A6 was added in 2020 would finally be able to field 4 top MBTs.

Japan at 5.7 would at least be able to use the M4A3 twice, maybe alongside the M41 and now get 4 spawns instead of only 2, across the board you’re massively increase your options and in game you also increase your strategic options by having more choices.

This also doesn’t hurt premium sales as it adds value, backups still maintain it’s use by being able to get a third spawn out of it so no harm there.

Alternatively this can be used for balancing purposes, overperforming vehicles like the 279 could be limited to a single spawn, reducing it’s effectiveness without changing the BRs, and just as much could add an extra spawn to the worst vehicles in the game when a BR change isn’t feasible because Gaijin still refuses to decompress anything.

So tl;dr an extra spawn would reduce ODL, add value to vehicles and premiums, add balancing options and fill out lineups for minor nations.

  • Yes, a second spawn.
  • Yes, but a third spawn.
  • No, we don’t need this.
  • Other, in comments:

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Nice idea for the balance thing I think… you should make it a suggestions


I try to gauge community opinion first and maybe make changes or whatever before making it a suggestion, although these posts often get deleted for some reason before I get the chance.

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It’s a very good idea, I thought they could do it on the premiun to avoid people who only have that car to get out.

But do it on all carts, they might miss some tanks on certain BRs. That’s one of the negative things it could have. Lose variety.

In short, it’s a good idea but I have the doubt of how it would affect the balance and variety of tanks in game.

I don’t think premiums need even more of an incentive when they’re borderline the only thing worth playing as is.

I’m not sure how it would reduce variety if the alternative is people leaving, I’d rather have more of the same vehicles on my team than just me, myself and I on the team after 5 minutes.

Realistically Gaijin needs to increase rewards for the lesser vehicles to make it worth playing, but they always push monetization to the extreme and only make the premium vehicles worthwhile.

If you made the bad vehicles highly rewarding for a kill and the good vehicles less rewarding it could be fun to get kills with a bad vehicle and have it be worthwhile, instead of making things unnecessarily difficult for yourself and reduce your income at the same time.

Playing my IS-7 and making use of my 15 free Backups, I really did enjoy the gameplay more. Knowing that I get another chance with the vehicle I want to spade, or that I just want to enjoy. The only constructive Question that I have for now is, what should happen to Backups? Wouldn’t they become obsolete?

Probably difficult to not enjoy the IS-7 to be fair as I can’t imagine a more broken vehicle, but as far as backups go I said:

backups still maintain it’s use by being able to get a third spawn out of it so no harm there.

So either get a third spawn or get a second spawn for the powerful vehicles if that is implemented.

Fair enough, definitely less powercrept that the 279 and more enjoyable to me.

Makes sense, I like it.

It was good they added some backups the premium vehicles, but giving out like 10-15 per vehicle does nothing to solve the issue in the long run, and I think you can’t get that many in the warbond shop either.

Unless of course you’re going to buy them GE, but who is going to spend $0.80 every single game, that’s insane.

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It would certainly help if it was even only for vehicles suffering “up Tier” to get an Auto Back Up. Especially a full up tier.

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Definitely interesting to address that issue as well, although I do feel backups need to be for everyone as you’d just end up with people leaving too soon.
I would prefer to see the same concept as dynamic repairs applied to earnings, where in an uptier you earn more RP and SL, like a full uptier you get 20% increase or whatever, maybe 10% for a smaller deficit.

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You should make a poll when starting a suggestion thread.

It’s not a suggestion thread, and I don’t care for people voting ‘no’ without providing actual feedback and explain why they dislike, there’s way to many contrarians out there who oppose any sort of change anyways.

This would work great for people facing the broken o279 and the 4 second reload 906. Lets give them two OP tanks. Lets not forget the WMA 301 and 506 with the early fire and forget tank missiles. Two seems better than one for sure.

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Like I said, vehicles like the 279 could be balanced better by only allowing a single spawn.
Why anyone has an issue with the WMA is a mystery to me however.

Gen 2 thermals, 55mph top speed, tandem charge missiles, and proximity anti air shells at BR 9.0. Its a camping monster. Especially with a lack of barrel collision.

Thermals are barely useful these days, top speed really isn’t remarkable, tandem missile isn’t anything special after all ATGMS were nerfed plus 370m/s velocity means your APFSDS is 4x as fast and if at distance you deserve to die anyways as you’d have several seconds to avoid it.
HE-VT with a 18 degree barrel elevation and 1 shot per 7.2 seconds is very situational.

In return you get armor, poor acceleration, poor depression, poor reverse, don’t get the better APFSDS and it has this weird recoil that ruins your shots.

It’s a pretty good vehicle at times but really not remarkable enough to single out, especially not after the ATGM nerfs… it’s stats are very mediocre.

I would love this. I have just reached Br11.3 in britain. We dont have any 10.7s (i think) or 11.0s. So you jump straight from 10.3 to 11.3. For me to take a second ground vehicle would mean taking a 10.3 into a 11.7 match. So when i die. Its either CAS or if i didnt get any kills, quit, usually. (I do need to get the chally mk3 spaded to have that as a half decent back up) if i could respawn in my chally 2 again. I would 95% of the time.

So lets compare then. Since Sweden doesn’t get any 9.0 tanks I will use the 8.7 91-105(Light tank). No missiles. No proximity shell. 8.7 second reload. -8/15 degree elevation. No thermals. Worse in all cases and since Sweden has no 9.0 tanks, you fight the WMA301 a lot. WMA301 55mph, 91-105 40mph. Neither one has armor so that is a useless argument.

WMA301 detonation is set to 15% by the way. Which it should not be for a light tank.

I want you to find me another tank at 9.0 with Gen 2 thermals, 50+mph speed, ATGMs, Darts, and Proximity shells.

I wan you to find me another tank around 9.0

I hate when people say “well xx doesn’t use thermals that much” that is completely opinion/objective. Some players swear by thermals and can’t play without them.

The facts are, its a tank from around 2012 that is placed at a BR against tanks from the 1970s. That shouldn’t happen.

AND you ALWAYS HAVE TO ACCOUNT for the -1 BR she gets to stomp at.

Thermals got a significant nerf, so they are not nearly as important as they once were, regardless if you use them or not, they’re not as big of a bonus anymore so that’s worth considering.

Top speed also exists on paper, in a game you barely out drive a Leopard A1A1, only on the streets are you likely to have more of an advantage, as do all wheeled vehicles.
On the downside the lack of reverse speed and the fact a wheeled vehicle cannot move on the spot is massively detrimental, especially paired with the size of the vehicle and having 8mm if armor.

BMD-4 at 9.0 is better, tandem ATGM that reloads twice as fast, 70km/h top speed and 70 in reverse, autocannon, thermals, superior mobility as a tracked vehicle, far better vehicle profile, elevation of 60 vs 18, also more depression, way faster turret rotation speed of 34 vs 15, auto loader, more armor to protect against MGs and it gets IRST that allows it to function as SPAA paired with a 20x zoom vs 11x on the WMA.