All BMP-1s should go to br 8.0

All BMP-1s should go to br 8.0. It is definitely better than even such marders and has a lower br.
It has a cannon with anti-tank grenades that penetrates 300mm of armor, with about 6 seconds of reload time and four rockets with 500mm of penetration. In addition, he can be shot and survive due to the transmission and engine located in the front.
It was planned to move it to 8.0 but it is not known why it was abandoned, although we all guess why.


Share your opinion.
Don´t forget the ridiculous accuarcy of the short barrel.
On top of that the BMP-1P must be splitted off and moved to Br 8.3.
If the Marder 1 A1 and A3 gets seperated for fucking 9mm pen/point blank then its justified for the BMP1.

You clearly don’t play the marder because the pen isn’t the only thing different than the one at 7.7


Why post about a vehicle u never play ?


Why such a misguided conclusion? I played it, but you don’t have to play all the vehicles to comment on a given topic. You can just see in battles and stats that something is unbalanced and has more possibilities than competing marders or even the first bradley

no i can’t see in those battle or stats because what you say don’t exist


marder and bradley should just go down if they are so bad, they already suck just like bmp-1 against real tanks.

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What? xD You say that bmp with a cannon with 300mm penetration and fast reload time and rockets is worse than tanks xD After all, the mere fact that you have two weapons where each is useful makes you have much more possibilities than a normal tank, you are at least able to defend yourself against two opponents at once. You seem to have a skill issue.

The BMP-1 is already dubious where it is, it’s outclassed by the Marder 1A at the same BR.

300mm of pen looks good on paper but the ergonomics of the BMP-1 make it hard to execute.

I agree that the 1P probably should be a different vehicle though, with the base BMP-1 getting the SACLOS Malyutka as an upgrade.

You got me, i don´t play them reguarly, you know why? Because they are crap in comparision to the BMP1.
Fine they can kill planes more effective but on the other hand BMP1 is much more deadly to tanks.
The ratio is roughly 80:20. 80% of the enemies are playing tanks and the other 20% are using planes in a round. So which stuff i need to kill more often?

And even if the Marder 1A3 got Thermal vision it is still useless, you as “expert” should know that, cause the effective range of the 20mm is below 500m. Do you need TV for that range, sure not!
I guess you would even say that the Wiesel 1A4 is a beast right?

it’s outclassed by the Marder 1A at the same BR.

based on what

  1. Get out of your feelings. You are talking a bunch of shit. 2. The A3 is better as it has more depression, gets thermals, and gets APDS out of a fast firing gun in a very stable chassis. All of which make it better than the BMP.

I don’t feel the marder is better than the bmp1, equals at best.

1A vs BMP1 no. But the A3 is hands down better than the BMP1. Thermals let you engage targets way before the BMP would have time to react and at further ranges.

But the A3 is hands down better than the BMP1

I was already comparing A3 to BMP1.

I was gonna write an explanation about why the BMP-1 is bad but your record is so whack (bad and meta slave) I doubt you could even comprehend what is being written.

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It’s just that you all have a skill issue and you don’t understand how to play bmp1.

Still waiting for you to make it rain champ