All aspect missiles should not be found below 11.0 or where they get to fight planes without flares

The title says it all. Planes that happen to have all-aspect missiles should not be seen below BR 11.0 or should not face planes that don’t have any sort of flares. I could list all the planes that do not have flares that see all aspect missiles from the Su-25 and A-10A, but nobody would read the post as the list is too long.

If the F-4C gets its historical flare pod option, then it would be just fine at the BR that it is currently at, otherwise if Gaijin decides not to give it a flare pod, it should be moved to 9.7, as the F-4C’s performance overall is not good, along with the only reliable missile option being the 9E as the 7Ds are a very weak radar missile that is similar in performance to the R-3R. The 9Es are also still a 9B with an uncaged seeker, so that also doesn’t make them the best missile that the plane could use, it could receive the 9D like the F8U-2 gets.

The low tier 9B/Es are generally fine as most planes that see them can pull at least 10Gs, so as long as you haven’t stalled yourself out or are paying attention to your surroundings you should be able to dodge them.

My suggestion: Give the Su-25s the R-13M1. The R-13M1 is a rather good missile performing similar to a 9J, or move them up to at least 11.0 where the number of flareless and defenseless planes is much lower compared to their current BRs. However, then the Su-25 would become near useless due to the much more advanced armaments seen on 11.0+ planes. The better of the two choices would be to remove the R-60Ms from the Su-25s, as their flight performance and ability to fight other planes would not be impacted that much as the Su-25 already has good flight performance and dogfighting ability.

As for the A-10, it could receive either the 9G or the 9J. While the 9J has a stronger initial booster and pulls more Gs, the 9G has more overall thrust, which can help make longer-ranged shots and not lose energy as quickly as the 9J The A-7s have the 9Js/9Gs, and these aircraft while faster than the A-10 have much less maneuverability than the A-10, but have been doing fine with their 9G/Js and have not been given the 9L.

You can stop reading here if you want, as the rest of the post is just talking about general missile and aircraft balance changes that should be done.

Other talking points worth mentioning: R-60s on platforms below 11.0.
R-60s are often seen on platforms below 11.0, being seen as low as 9.3 in the case of the Yak-38, however, the Yak-38 is not like the AV-8A/C, as its turning ability is rather poor, and it cannot use VTOL to turn harder until it’s IAS drops below 300Mph, in which case the Yak-38 becomes a rather easy to kill sitting duck as it’s airspeed will only drop harder when you try to use VTOL.

F-111’s AIM-9Bs should be upgraded to either 9Es at the minimum or 9D for both the stock missile loadout and the researchable extra missiles. The 9B is not anywhere near a suitable missile for 10.3, and it should’ve never left the dev server with the 9B. While the Vark has good flight performance, the missiles are not suitable for its current BR, especially considering the first introduction of the 9B sits at 8.3, a whole 2 BRs lower than the Vark.

The F-105D should be moved out of all aspect missile range (9.7), or be given the option to also mount flare pods. See the above point with the F-4C. It does have the speed to just run away from some missiles fired at it, however, it cannot do anything against R-60Ms or even R-60s fired from the rear by platforms like the MiG-21 or 9J/Ps fired from F-5s.


At least in my experience, the a10 and su25 are generally easy to avoid. I have not used every single 9.3, but i used the f100 a good bit.

For removing/downgrading missiles, that would cause a br drop for them.

On the note about missing flares, if they had it i fully support giving them it.

F-4C had flares mounted after Vietnam War, but ingame version is mid 60s configuration or something like that, so no flares.

That’ll do it

English isn’t my native, i can’t understand what do you mean.

Sorry. That would explain why it does not have flares

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WRONG F-4C have been proven that it never recieved any FLARE POD,… only F-4D which is not in game recieved those.

USAF have one flight manual both for 4C and 4D, flight restrictions table with suspended goodies(flares) one for both planes.

The only legitimate issue is BRs where planes exist without flares, excluding planes like the F104 whose maneuverability and speed outweigh the need for flares.

10.3 is a more fair BR placement.

What’s more comical is most of these low BR all aspect missiles are on planes who are exceptional in the role of CAS, raising their BR would balance two game modes.

I have several thread in which this is proven wrong for F-4C,…

I don’t think that matters to Gaijin. The R2Y2s were never equipped with jet engines, the F-16AJ was only an option but never considered for Japan, and the F-5C has flare pods that it never had. My point still stands in that anything that sits around the BR range of the A-10/Su-25 is unplayable thanks to these attackers that would do just fine with a rear aspect missile.