Airspawn deleted for Vautour

This addition is one of the worst ever, the vautour was a pinata with an airspawn and now it’s worst, the plane is dead in ARB now, we need to have an airespawn for this type of planes ! Seriously gaijin do you play to your game ?!


Lol yea its done glad I never bought it and got Milan instead… Funniest part is they where 1 of 4 aircraft that could bomb a base before me now I dont have to worry about them…

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They raise the pv of bases at the same time so you can’t fully bomb a base with your milan

When Vautours had airspawn, we could use it as fighter but, not anymore :(

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Thats fine its still there for me not the Vatour

About time. Buc S2 lost air spawn like 2 years ago. Never made sense vatour and others kept it. Would have prefered buc get air spawn back, but this is also fair

The whole arbitary “No airspawn for Rank VI+” ruined the Buc’s and now the Vatours and the non-US F-84F’s.

Airspawn deletion for attackers/bombers should have been tied either to BR (9.3+?) or to aircraft being supersonic. This has now created a silly situation where US F-84F has an airspawn but not the F-84F’s in other tech trees. Supersonic restriction might be better as then the slow modern attackers like SU-25/A-10 could be given a BR raise to make flying 50’s/60’s jets more enjoyable.


Airspawn was really the only thing the vautours had going for them and made them usable. They were xp piñata before but at least you had the chance to do something. Now they’re completely pointless garbage.


How is this “fair”? It does not matter if one bomber was playable.

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Buc s2 went from playable to unplayable due to loss of airspawn. Solely because it sits at a slighly higher BR. Despite the fact it has less a2a power than most other jet bombers

thats cool, but why is it then ok to make EVERY bomber bad because one bomber became bad?

This was the bad option of the 2, but to leave 1 with airspawn and the other without is dramatically worse than either option.

Don’t see any logic in that.


There were 3 options:

  1. Leave some jet bombers like the Vautour with airspawn, whilst other jets like the Buc S2 go without. Essentially making some playable and others borderline unplayable

  2. Remove Airspawn from all jet bombers or Strike aircraft. Making it a level playing field for all.

  3. Restore airspawn for all jet bombers or strike aircraft. Make it a level playing field for all.

They picked the worse option of the 3. But Gaijin has been systematically removing bombers from the air modes. So this not at all surprising


No, he’s right, for it to be fair either they all get air spawns or none of them do.

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I have both the premium Vautours. AB was nearly impossible to play with because of it’s strange BR at 9.7. RB was the only mode i could use it to bomb some bases for the daily tasks. So no more use of it…

Gaijin never learned you cannot change the proprieties of a product you sold for real money.

You can get out a Soviet guy from the communism, but you cannot get the communism out of him.


Indeed. I found out today, I wanted a quick match, used an expiring 500% SL, and I spawn at the Airbase. With A5Cs and other 10.0. WTF am I supposed to do here?. The Vautour is fast for 9.0, but just in 9.3 you have supersonic planes. It doesn’t turn, doesn’t have countermeasures, so it’s just a free xp for the enemies.
At least before you could rush a base, now it’s just useless.
And this just because the anniversary sale, way to tell the customers that their premium planes that cost real money can become useless whenever they want.

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It is just now I realised that my Vautours have no air spawn. I have been shoot down by F-100’s Aim-9E before even reaching the base. I had no chance to dodge O_o. This plane now belongs to 8.0, maybe.


The Bucc S2 unlike Vautour is faster,carries triple the bombload and still can take flares to defend from missles, unlike the pinata Vautour that just gets any 9G fired on it and dies, cause it cant out pull it.

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Those CMs are external stores. Meaning it reduces the number of bombs you can carry by a third and are in the same slot as the 9B. So no AAMs either (which is only 9Bs).

It is faster, but thats why it sits at a higher BR and with any meaningful bomb load, you cant turn because you wing rip instantly, meaning its just as much cannon or missile food as the Vautour.

Not too mention the Vautour A has the 30mm

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