AIRRB 5-7BR Matchmaking is broken


Please do something about this BR bracket which offers the pinnacle of propeller aircraft. Close to every match starts with 7 players on each side, 4 of which are bombers. (Many are beep boops with thousands of matches in the JU288)

My guess is that the JU288 bombers are reaching certain soft queue limits so the matchmaker tries to get them a match as fast as possible. So any fighter can either be happy and farm them or like me go back to the hanger. The matches don’t fill up from late joiners either. Thats no gameplay.

Makes every plane between 5-7br in air RB dead content, besides in groundRB. Sometimes you are lucky and get uptiered or downtiered out of this hell, but that is no solution.

I propose to remove the soft queue time limit and let JU288 players wait it out till the Matchmaker can create full matches with at least 12 players on each side.


What do you mean?
The MM in general is a joke…
You are right in what you say… the thing is that’s just a part of the problem, not the problem itself.

The problem in that BR bracket is twofold, on one hand you have the undertiered US planes that are used as alternative cruisemissiles and thus are in 9/10 flown by brainlets while on the other hand all other Axis nations dont have/get their superprops but have the JU-288 on their side. So in short one side has enough reasons to fly while the other side knows it technically has no equal footing and is 4 players down from the start. Not to mention that even the AD-2/4 and AM-1 are rather nasty interim fighters with front airspawn.

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