Airfield AAA Discussion Thread - Air Realistic Battles

Yeah, and the only feasible ways to counter this is to strike them when that person runs out of fuel and / or near their airfield, or try to get the ticket lead by destroying as many ground targets / AI air targets as possible (before you, too, eventually run out of fuel or ammo).

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AF AA should be modeled as actual AA guns and not hitscan AoE damage effects, for props at least
It would still be a deterrent, but would also give a chance for actual counterplay
Top Tier jet AA appears to be a good medium from my experience, you have to use your brain to get close but it doesnt autokill you instantly either


I would say it’s a bit too easy to strafe enemy airfield in jets.

Nah. You can do it if you’re determined and pull it off… but there’s also some risk if you don’t do it right. Running to the airfield does not protect you from being killed because the enemy can climb above the defenses and drop an IR missile on your head, which will kill you if you don’t see it.

On the other hand, the enemy team won’t always attack, because there’s a chance the defenses will kill them if they play it incorrectly.

I think this is an okay balance for now, considering how hectic jet matches are.

Mid field and base AA is now stronger than AF AA… You can’t even get near bases at less than 2K AGL without getting sniped.

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I think it’d be nice to just abandon the idea of airfields. Taking off from them is boring, landing at them is either boring or suicide. If I get enough points, let me fly back to friendly airspace and have my ammo and fuel respawn on me. No more AI controlled AA drama, no more camping, no more 5 minutes of mashing WEP to the combat zone.


I went a step further:

You must be an Arcade enjoyer…

I hate air AB RB and SB equally. They are all terribly designed game modes. AB takes all the fun out of flying by making everything handle like a quadcopter drone. RB stole 4 days of my life span in total so far with all of the “spawn on airfield, climb in prop plane for 10 minutes” it likes to do. SB is just RB but the 10 minutes make me sleepy because the ambient plane noises make me nod off.


I would disagree to an extent as currently top tier airfield AA is nigh on useless, the amount of times I’ve been out of ammo, low on fuel or damaged and people are circling around it with impunity is ridiculous. The AA shouldn’t be OP but it also shouldn’t be this useless.

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Why should airfield AA be effective? If multiple people are circling your af and you’re the last one alive, you’ve already lost.

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I’ve thought of an idea to make low tier AA better.

Currently high tier missile AA is great right now, it protects planes that have landed, but it can also be dodged with tactics and skill. However low tier AA is a death bubble which is not exactly good for gameplay.

My suggestion is to rework low tier AA to make it actual AA that you can dodge. This can be done by replacing the current AA, with SPAA that is already found ingame.


Yep. My biggest gripe about low tier AF AA is that it’s hitscan garbage that’s able to clearly track through the ground and trees.


Ill just leave this here 😆


can gaijin please fix AAA shooting through terrain and its absurd damage and accuracy. i get we don’t want people being killed on the airfield but we also shouldn’t have base campers.

Idk dude I think AA being able to track perfectly through trees and the ground is realism at its finest.

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