Airfield AA teamkilling

seriously am i the only fucking chump getting teamkilled by airfield missiles? happened twice and this last time had me sick of it, WHY IS THAT ALLOWED TO HAPPEN.

Easy solution - don’t get too close to the airfield and you should have no trouble.

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Yes,… you’re the only one,…

It is easy to make missile loose target → because most of those missiles launcher are Rolands, and Roland Missile have been recently nerfed to the ground.

At the same time,… it was possible to dodge missile before that patch → flying high then diving over airfield leads to SPAAM being ineffectives, as they don’t have a Radar scan over them(by design, therefore realistic), letting the M247 to be alone in airfield defence, which is even more easy to dodge, as you just have to do slight turns and change ways each 5 seconds to avoid being hit by them.

Then with accumulated speed, you run out low, using terrain as cover → no missile to hit you, and even less guns that are now focused to fire upward.

So my solution would be to:


Before complainning again, you want to understand why things happens.

hey genius on the first occurrence it hit me while i ran away from a chasing enemy at 1200kph on a t-2 and the other hit me while i was still taking off on a ki200.

NONE of these aircrafts have RWR and i had no energy nor maneuverability to dodge them, so dont you lecture me with your 30 cent haircut.

so here’s my solution:


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Did you say team killed?

TKs by the AI are uncommon, but can happen.

I remember years ago the fury of one guy who got wiped out by his own airfield’s AI AAA…he was rightfully angry.

AI AAA/SAMs are…“problematic” at best.

Then,… it’s your fault having 0 situationnal awareness,…
You button to see map quaickly, you should have known where you are, and where you were going.

You ask for AA airfields to be nerfed, but don’t care about where they’re,…

So,… yes in the end, YOU still need to learn a thing or 2.

Hes being killed by his own airfields AAA not the enemys

I’ve been damaged or even killed by my own base AA a few times. It should be banned from the game for toxic behavior.

I’ve been TK’d by friendly AI AA too on a few occasions.

Baffling when it happens.

Ah sorry i didn’t saw that this way.

Then it’s even WORSE,… this just means the guy aligned himself between SPAAM and the ennemy.

Then the Proximity fuze of the missile got him before the ennemy, and that can be possible in 2 ways:
→ being chased by an ennemy and expecting airfield to kill ennemy (instead of doing it himself)
→ chasing an Ennemy that was expecting to found another guy on the field, passed the airfield unscathed (somehow) and then the missile struck from behind.

Outside of that,… there is kind of 1 / billions chances to get hit by own SPAAM.