Aircraft should have diffrent battle ratings in ground battles

i’ve been looking at some aircraft, unsure what the hell did devs have in mind to arrange some of (especially strike) aircraft br’s as they did, and then i remembered that tank battles also exist…

aircraft having same br in air and ground battles may ruin the balance in both game modes, so they should surely have diffrent battle rating depending on game mode that is being played, right?


No they shouldn’t. There aren’t even any aircraft that would have different BRs for ground than air.

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I think that there are some air units that benefit because of it in ground battles and some are hurt in air battles.

Players asked for this, but gaijin refused saying that it would be too dificult to seperate B.R. like that.

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i dont even own it, but A-10A could be on 10.0 imo

A-10A is 10.0.
And A-10A Late is 10.3 because of its ground AND air performance.

@ULQ_LOVER There isn’t even 1 vehicle that would have different BRs let alone 50+ required to justify such a feature.
It’s unnecessary, especially as BRs decompress.

I’ll bite. Just off the top of my head the following deserve different GRB and ARB BRs. All of these are over-tiered in ARB due to their usage in GRB:

Every Yer-2
Every Tu-2
G.91 Y
G.91 YS
Me 410 B-6/R3
Fw 190 F-8
Me 262 A-1/U4


A29 is .3 higher than the J29, while being identical apart from the fact the A29 has access to rockets.

Stuff like the A-10, Su-25, and A-4E would also be affected. the A-4E is equal to a 8.3-8.7 aircraft in air RB, but a equal to a 9.3 aircraft in GRB because of its loadout options.

A29 would still be 8.0 in air, because it’s not used enough to get on Gaijin’s radar. If more people used it currently, it’d drop to 7.7 cause it doesn’t do anything in ground. Saab-105G is the ground battles jet.
A-10, Su-25, A-4E would all be identical BRs for ground & air. All are their BRs for their ground & air performance, equally.
A-4E is not equal to Ayit or A32A at all for ground. It’s inferior to both.
Oh, and as a Q-5L fan, it wouldn’t change BRs either. It’s a fast bomber that’s more survivable than a Yak-28.

Yep, this absolutely the case, not all but certainly many jets have a BR determined by its CAS power in GRB and not its ARB performance. Harrier Gr7 and Tornado Gr1 are 2 pretty obvious examples of this.

Harrier Gr7 [11.7] for example has similar A2A performance to that of the Sea Harrier FRS1 [10.7], but have a full BRs difference in rating. Whilst the Gr7 does have some minor advantages, they are certainly not enough to be worthy of such a gap and I’d suspect it would have its SB rating of 11.0 if it wasnt for GRB and its CAS power in that gamemode.

I do think as you go down in BR, the divide gets smaller, Below rank 6 its probably the same and there are many low tier “Strike aircraft” that do fine at their BR in both gamemodes. But there are a few that I do think are higher than they normally would. Like most British Heavy bombers I think would have likely dropped down at least a little by now, but their large bomb load can do a lot of damage in GRB, especially with the tallboys.

Buts its Above Rank 6 that I think things begin to blur, with a few that would likely be at different BRs, even just marginally. Its mostly down to precision weapons

As we go forward, I think this is actually only going to become a bigger problem. With True Multiroles like the F-15, EF Typhoon, Su-30, Gripen, etc. Having the ability to tailor the jets BR for either gamemode would give them more flexability if/when its needed.

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That doesn’t mean it can go down tho.

Harrier GR7 was made 11.7 because of air RB performance, and stays 11.7 because of air RB & ground RB performance as people learned how to toss bomb.
As for F-15s and onward, ground will become decompressed with SPAA as likely exceptions since they’re already over-BR’d for the CAS they’re facing.

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maybe when aim 9ls were not just one flare missiles, but these days the harrier gr7 cant really beat anything with radar missiles, unless they decid to turnfight it, also its br was increased because its amazing at ground, trust me I understand why it went up br when it was introduced, but now that 9ls are bassically just better aim 9js its not amazing in air, i have 353 games in the harrier gr7

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Sigh Yes, I’m doing an audible sigh, not because of you, but because of the patterns I see.

I can count the amount of radar missiles that have killed me since January on one hand. And I only started using chaff again this month.
I have used R-27ER exclusively as a 300 meter - 7km missile on my German Mig-29.
I haven’t done BVR since last year, before gen 4s.

I guess my point is good players playing mid planes keeps them in stasis.
People have forgotten how to dogfight, and that keeps the good Harrier pilots doing well enough.

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Tornado IDS Marineflieger.

I can see why it can be 11.0 at Ground RB, but in Air RB, this is a bad joke.

Same BR as F-4E when its air to air armament is just 2x AIM-9Ls while F-4E can use 4x AIM-9Js and 4x AIM-7E-2s while also boosting significantly better flight performance in every single possible way.

Yeah, no, I dont believe 4x 9Ls, especially with their current performance, and no BVRs/Radar of any kind justifys 11.7, if that actually is the case, then does that mean the FRS1 needs to up to 11.7 as well? It has bombs and the same A2A loadout? The harrier might be able to turn fight quite well, but is sub-sonic, and can still be fairly easily outturned by both F-16 and Mig-29s

Its at 11.7 ONLY Because of GRB and would be at 11.0/11.3 tops if it was ARB only

Yep, all Tornado IDS variants would be no higher than 10.7 if it wasnt for GRB

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Tornado IDS Marineflieger was made 11.0 because of its air RB performance.
I should know, I partially caused it to be 11.0 with air RB.
Nothing to do with ground RB.

And no, Harrier GR7 was made 11.7 because of air RB, I know because I was part of the Harrier group that was doing well in it.
And no, it should be 11.3 in both air RB & ground, because it still has survival countermeasures.



If the Harrier Gr7 is an 11.7 jet, then Mig-29 and F-16 need to go way way up in BR. Like 12.7.

So if the Tornado IDS MFG is 11.0 because of ARB, why arent they all at 11.0? They all have the exact same AAM, CM count and basically the same speed?

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The only reason for Mig-29 & F-16 to go to 12.7 is if 9.0 is being decompressed, which means all* the 11.0s are going to 11.7.
Which I’ll tell others, ground BRs are holding air back, so you have to decompress ground first.