Aircraft collisions in Air RB - Questions regarding game mechanics

I would like to raise the general question why plane collisions in Air RB are handled like this:

You tail-chase an enemy, fly like me in cockpit or virtual cockpit view and all of a sudden you hear a loud bang and your plane disintegrates. Battlelog says: You crashed and have killed a friendly even without firing a single shot. Your game result shows a teamkill fee and your own repair cost.

If you check the replay later you see that a highly motivated teammate dove from low earth orbit to kill the enemy in front of you, compressed with locked controls and crashed into your plane.

Why i get punished 3 times due to a reckless teammate?

  1. The ramming prevented a potential kill = income
  2. The ramming kills my plane and creates repair cost
  3. The ramming blames me as a teamkiller and tk fee get charged

Any ideas or potential official (manager) feedback from gaijin? You will find dozens of open bug reports addressing this issue - and due to the new “We have heard you” approach it would be great to get a reply…