Aircraft Carrier - Landing in Sim

Ive been doing some carrier landing tonight, and approach after approach, even with what looks to be a text book landing, the hook just… Wont catch. Im in the Buc S2 on Siciliy. Anyone else having issue of late?

you did not lower the hook 🤣

Tried one trap in an Intruder yesterday and failed - but I more attribute it to the fact that the carrier was already badly hit, tilting somewhat and even got counted as killed a second after I drowned…

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Landed a French F8F on a carrier on Denmark map this evening. The hook caught a wire well enough, but no repair, refuel, rearm took place. Had to J-out, which blew up my aircraft. Was able to spawn on the carrier for next sortie, but I noticed there was no carrier marked on the map, so I had to select it by clicking on roughly the spot I remembered finding the carrier before I landed, which did indeed put the yellow ‘selected airfield’ box in the right place.

My issue with the carrier landings is the lack of defense when there’s an enemy near by and the carrier making turns right before I touch down.

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If a carrier is destroyed and then respawns, you can still spawn at it but can no longer repair and rearm on it.

Well, never knew that…. Stupid mechanic though.

Yeah it is. I reckon its semi-unintentional, just an effect of spaghetti code. half tempted to report it at some point, see what happens.