Air targets do not get enough rewards

THIS IS NOT FAIR! 2 Air kills gives you… 8 points. Bro this should not be allowed!


You also get point for the damage you dealt to the enemy, severe damage dealt to the enemy, and critical damage dealt to the enemy. Please look at the entire thing before flipping out about it.

If you want to have a higher missions score / points - play Air RB:

Especially with such a broken plane like the Yak-3U getting kills should be no problem.

An Air RB example In the Battle Pass B7A2 premium:

  1. Mission score ---------------------------------SL / RP--------------Remark
  2. 1.350 Destruction of aircraft----------16.044/1.100------B-17/XP-50/P-61
  3. 150 Critical damage on aircraft------535/38----------------B-17 (1 crit)
  4. 150 Damage on aircraft (=6 hits)—1.612/88------------2 hits on each
  5. 155 Destruction of 1 base -------------2.042/212----------with 9 x 60 kg
  6. 309 Damage on 1 base -----------------3.438/426----------with 9 x 60 kg
  7. = 2.114 Mission score
  8. Accolades (9 ) -------------------------------9.100 SL
  9. Active Gametime---------------------------1.779/38
  10. Gametime -------------------------------------7.570 RP
  11. Victory bonus -------------------------------11.880 SL
  12. Skill bonus ------------------------------------3.561 RP

Total: ----------------------------------------------------46.420 SL / 13.057 RP

taken from:

SPAA should have boost to score/exp from killing planes


Yeah spaa rewards are trash, thats why most people use them as light tanks.


This isn’t even about SPAA kills on air targets.

Were those kills on actual aircraft or UAVs?

Kills on aircraft in Air mode, possibly arcade because of how low the score is. That is my assumption seeing he is in a Yak-3 showing only air kills.

I thought it was ground rb due to the tags.

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I missed the tags, and now it makes 100 percent sense why the rewards are low. Ground RB rewards for planes are absolutely terrible like the rest of the mode. Thanks for pointing out the tags.


No problem. I know that the scout UAVs show up as a plane kill and it would make perfect sense for them to give a low score. The regular air kills do need a boost. At least make it on par with tank kills. Would help promote spaa usage a bit.

I honestly stopped using planes in ground because the rewards aren’t worth the SP cost and effort. Air is a much better way to spade a plane, ground is for my spaded planes that I want to use to soften up a choke point with or something.


I do the same thing. Air rb to grind mods for my attackers then take the spaded plane to ground rb.

SPAAG, at the very least, should get more rewards for destroying Air Targets. It is entirely unfair and actively discouraging when the biggest threat to players in ground (Air targets, which are especially dangerous at/towards top tier) gives no rewards for destroying them, especially if they have gone and killed many people. It just leads to a greater imbalance between ground and air, which is not fun.


Air kills in ground battles are in general almost worthless.

You get like 3 times the reward when playing air RB.

Air RB sucks hard rewards are abysmal the maps are huge taking too long to get fight you always get gang bang and go back to the next game wasting 6 min of your life in it

Jet realistic sucks too with the chances they implement better play arcade and train your crew.

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that doesn’t even add up to 100 on top of the 8

but air kills need to be incentivised so that CAS is no longer such a huge problem

The entire POINT is that I’m shooting down CAS!

It is ground RB