Air spawns <4.7 are too close to the battlefield

Spawning planes within 1000 meters of the battlefield is half of the problem with CAS

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I feel like a Swordfish really doesn’t need to travel further to get to the battlefield… > 4.7 would be fine, but < 4.7?

I disagree. If Gaijin is unwilling to force CAS to spawn on the airfield then CAS spawns should be pushed back.

Fact is they do move them about… It’s not that hard to make a real suggestion…

Why are all your suggestions and wants in disscussion, and not in the suggestions section?

(I stand by this statement and whoever flagged it merely can’t handle the argument based)

Because he’s a troll.

So why are you saying air spawns under BR 4.7 are too close but above are fine

Why are you commenting on this forum if you don’t play the game? I do not understand.

Airspawns at higher BR ranges and the airfield itself are further back.

“they move them about”

“make a real suggestion”

I want them to… move them… about…

How many times can you fit… in to a… sentence…

Then make the suggestion.

(I stand by this statement and whoever flagged it merely can’t handle the argument based)

Do I not play the game too because I also have double digit battles for this week?

(False flagging as per the usual… Valid question because they’re obviously basing the previous dismissal)

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Have any proof of this buddy?

And that’s still too close imo, low tier is fine

Because from your comments you miss extremely obvious concepts which are present in the game. I don’t know if it’s your failure as a player or if you simply do not play.

Note one example. Please.

In this comment you stated that since I have an issue with the distance of air spawns at lower BRs it would automatically mean I have an issue with them at higher BRs.

This ignores that air spawns at higher BRs are much much further away. This would mean you’re either misunderstanding why I want the lower BR air spawns moved back or that you simply do not know this fact.

If you don’t know where the air spawns are you either don’t play higher BRs, don’t play the game, or don’t play higher BR as SPAA / CAS. I don’t know which it is.