Air Spawn in Air RB

The new air spawn in Air RB was awesome yesterday, please gaijin make permanent, it will save a lot crashes on take off and tk’s …!!!

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Amazing in a time the fuel load goes crazy and you have no chance to adjust new except landing.

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should have never been removed to begin with. instead of taking it from everyone it should have just been given to everyone instead

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I disagree, anything above 8.7 (excluding bombers they really do need air spawn) should not get airspawns.

I understand why people like this, less down time before getting into combat, but as someone who does not rush head on into the enemy mass, like gaijins patented corridor map design wants you to do, it just incentivizes more reckless of a playstyle, and rewards players for more luck than actual capabilities of themselves and makes you develop bad habits.

Air RB does need a total overhaul, it was decent when top air was 9.0, but it aged very poorly as soon as that cap was increased more and more.