Air simulator repair costs & sl

15k to spawn in an aircraft in simulator battles? i was wondering if the moderators could pass a tip to the developers and tell them to see if there is anything that they could do to reduce the prices of spawning to something more reasonable or maybe a whole new system please.

I’m not sure but having to pay 15k to spawn in every time, even in the first spawn in air simulator battles is not reasonable to me.

Unfortunately. they just did. Buc S2 for example was about 35k per spawn. Its now 17k (iirc) and they’ve increased SL/Min by quite a bit as well. It is doubtful they will further improve it.

Though the biggest change they could and should make, is to make the initial spawn free. So you only pay for respawns, not all spawns. Would at least mean you wouldnt start the match in debt (and if the game ends before it even starts, happens quite often, you dont get screwed)


This would breed a lot of the forbidden ODL but I’d still be for it.

I’d also be for other options to increase player counts…

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True. This would feed the one death leavers…

Just give us the SL back when we leave on the airfield or win/loose while still flying.

Or just a simple repair system. When you die, you need to repair the plane for SL, even for the next game.

I had so many games where I had to leave after 30 min, died just once, but had to pay for 2 planes.

But how are you incentivized to buy Permiums/SL if Spawn/Repaircost aren’t as high?