Air SIM p38 rudder lagging

I have been playing the P38 in air sim for the past few days and the plane is always moving from left to right even if I click nothing. It makes aiming really hard. I am using a mouse and keyboard btw. Please help

You must be more specific, when does it occur? at what speeds? At what height? What do you mean by moving from one side to the other? As a general rule, all airplanes have a movement to one side or another that you must correct with the joystick at different speeds.

Do a youtube search for setting up mouse controls in Sim. There’s more than one way to achieve this, so I don’t have a specific one for you. I’m not a mouse user myself.

The moving occurs as soon as I take off, at all speeds and no matter the altitude. It is like the rudder is lagging. I noticed that on all of my planes not just P38. I have been playing sim for the last year and everything was alright until the last few days. Also sorry for my English.

I fly every day in sim and I have not noticed anything you mention, yesterday I did a specific test with the yak3, p47, p51 and they all fly as they have been doing for quite some time

[Edited: My bad]

I guess then that the problem is my laptop

I really don’t know, if you are Spanish I can help you along with my colleagues, if so, join

I am not Spanish. Anyways thank you for trying to help me.