Air sim lobby list refresh

When it comes to finding a lobby for sim. The list auto refreshes to keep your selection updated. The only issue being when lots of people are joining and leaving lobbies the list refreshes frequently and makes it hard to navigate the lobby list.

My suggestion would be to have a button to manually refresh the list as frequently as we like or have the list update at a less frustrating interval. Maybe every minute?

What are your thoughts on this?

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Yea, this has been as frustrating AF forever.

Scroll down the list; spot a lobby you like; try to click on it, but ‘oh no, unlucky, player’ back to the top of the list you go! Try again; no, back to the top before you even see that lobby. And again; you see your lobby; you click on it, but, ‘oh dear, the list jumped and you’ve actually selected something completely different. Ha ha, are you having fun yet, player?’


Exactly that lol. It makes it so hard to try and find a game your squad mates are in.

Best solution I’ve found is to tick the box under the list which removes any lobby you’re not eligible to join. Usually only half-a-dozen lobbies remain, at most, and they don’t jump around. Toggle it on-off, while selecting various nations/EC presets and you can get some idea of what is available.

If you’re looking for friends, but the lobby is greyed out and you can’t join because their team currently outnumbers the enemy, try selecting an enemy line up, so the session shows in white, select it, so you fix the details in place, then untick the box at the bottom and select your desired line up, and i think the session will still be there for you to keep an eye on until numbers are more even.

Must have used many other programs where lists updated dynamically; none of them felt it necessary to return me to the top of the list every time something changed.

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The main issue is that it drops you to the top. I found it more stable when you show rooms you’re not able to join - at least then it only flips when a room is destroyed.

The worst is when you go to click on the room you want to join and it switches and you end up in the wrong tier and map and wasted your boosters

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Done that :(

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