Air Sim auto join


Maybe I am blind or something is there an option to no go straight to battle when joining a room ?
Only the lobby has the crucial weather info and auto join will use my booster

PS : it will also be cool to choose the weather on room creation


Also night battles would be good

But you only pay the fee once you actually spawn the plane, no? So you can assess the situation, check the map, before actually selecting the plane and enter the cockpit…

You mean the spawn fee ? Yes, but just joining consumes the booster. If I activate a 500% booster on a cloud map that can’t see ( I’m noob 💁🏻‍♀️ ) the booster is a waste

Ah yes, that’s true of course.

But I think what you can do is join a lobby to see if it’s any good, then leave, activate the boster and join again?

Not sure if it works with the booster, but re-joining a session you left previously works, iirc even if you played another session in between…

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Yes you can re join the session how many times you want, but once joining you can’t activate booster. Already tried but thanks.

I don’t know if it can works with different nation in same team 🤔

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Ah well, too bad.

Still, one can usually kind of see how it is going by assessing the time passed already and player count on both sides, but yes, sometimes one really draws a “bad one” even then.

Would be great to be able to see daytime and weather beforehand, of course…

Or better even, to be able to chose those parameters!!!

Also, the amount on players on both sides often gets displayed wrong and severely deviates from the actual game.

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And there are also ghost sessions, when you enter a new fresh room and it appears as another already going battle, then after victory or defeat you are instantly moved to the room you initially selected.

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That’s why I usually start my own game when I have a booster I want to maximize…

Just be sure to have something to do while you wait for people to join.

  • also cross your fingers that the other team stays for long enough to get going, but in my experience the game usually lasts once started… usually.
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