Air Realistic Battles

%70 of air realistic is bot. How about do something about it.

Is it? Never noticed.

Or do you mean not very good players?

Either way, they added a report feature just for this so hopefully it will work.

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Most of them have chinese or digit only names bombs and crush the plane with no brain moves. I understand some people do it for event. Yes gaijin with their great wisdom destroying air rb even more with event. We should get air point with playing planes on ground anyways. Still too many bots.

it’s mainly 20% and they are free kills so 🤷

What BRs? I guess 6 ish?

The only bots I’ve found in ARB are around 4.0 - 5.0 and 11.3+, these are often bombers who fly to a base then J out.

That said, I have seen a lot of people J out when I’m about to kill them, it’s really pissing me off.

J out proves that the bombers are probably not bots; most likely players that fly to a base asap to drop bombs and J out immediately to join the next match.

I would have thought that too, other than the fact they will completely ignore you, and don’t take any evasive action.

Having the bot press and hold J once it hits a base is probably not that hard to do.

I kinda feel like way too many of you try to claim people are bots just because it’s such an easy complaint to say… I can honestly say I run into maybe 1 or 2 people a day that act like bots. Not the massive problem being described in this thread.

I understand where you’re coming from, and I do think people are claiming too many, but there is definitely bot accounts. An estimate of 70% of players being bots is way too high, I would put it at a maximum of 20%, because if you have 20 people in a match, that leaves 4 bots, which is in itself quite high, so me personally would put it at 10-15%.

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Yeah but the boys in use these days tend to just continue forward until fuel ends or they get shot down by airfields aa

there’s a lot of it, as you take off from the airport and pick up speed, hit TAB and check the player profiles on both sides. The standard is around 6-8 of these automated “players” who fly around 24/7 to bases, drop bombs and circle around waiting to die. Such a hint to pay special attention to “players” from Asia, their nicknames immediately catch the eye. There are some popular premium planes that take base at once and are played thousands of times without any other activity.

I recommend to look at the activity of “people” in battles, report each such but there is a stupid limit of 10 reports per 6 hours.

Some are actually in fact players! I’m not saying this person specifically is a player, but some are people who grind out Tech Trees use this method to further sell their account for a quick buck.

Air,RB ? Total garbage-garbage.