Air Realistic Battles | Balancing what type of aircraft are on each team

So when I’m playing air realistic in USA, its either only F-4S on the whole team or only F-5s and A-10s. This makes the match almost a definite lost cause most players just bomb and die right after which also then leaves no targets for the strike aircraft to bomb which that’s their only job.

What I think would work great would to have matches set so there’s just enough aircraft to bomb each target depending on their payloads and enough fighter only aircraft (that have no bombs) to dog fight so it want be a unbalanced game of only F-4s. This would also make so strike aircraft would have a chance bomb targets.

What it would look like

Two F-111 to take out 4 bases
Two Tornado IDS’s to take out 4 bases

14 Fighter only aircraft with no bombs
14 Fighter only aircraft with no bombs

What do you all think on this issue and what do you think could be done?

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Yeah its always the same thing over and over again. Both teams are always taking in bombs to take out bases and everyone afterwards everyone just die after taking all the bases.

Edit: What I think is why add aircraft that bomb bases and not either balance the matches so there’s just enough aircraft to take out all the bases or add more bases so every has a target to bomb.


Yeah I mean how many times do you want to do that? I tried to mod some CAS for GRB by playing ARB and Arcade but after 3 or 4 games I was so bored I had to give it up.

I am a terrible flyer but I just got to 19,000 ft in a PE8 and won four games in a row. Nobody came to visit in an enemy plane. I got bored and not been back since.

First of all: AirRB is about PvP. No team HAVE TO bomb to win a battle. AND bomb bases don’t win a battle in higher tiers. There are no maps with AF bases.

A team full of F4S and F5 with players with a single braincell will win every single battle. But nowadays it seems to me braincells are limited by matchmaker…

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I like the freedom of choice and potential asymmetrical battles, restricting types of vehicles for each match would make it more rigid and samey each battle.

With that said, I understand, why are you asking for it. I would prefer respawn system, honestly. That way, you can bring in what is needed at the moment, or counter a same vehicle spam like you described.
It works in Air AB in Ground and in Naval as well, I don’t think it would take away much from Air RB, compared to what it would bring in return.

I’m not saying to balance what type of aircraft are in each match just so people are able bomb targets but so there’s enough fighters to fight the other team as well.
I will be playing a fighter in 10.0 - 11.0 and every time its always me fighting 5 people by myself because the rest of my team were just bombing then either crash or get shot down before getting to the target so I’m just left alone to fight the enemy team.

What I’m talking about wouldn’t restrict what aircraft people would have to use. Every match would have a set amounts of slots set for certain type of aircraft then it would put players in that match depending on what aircraft they were using without the players even having to do anything. It would be like auto balancing.

“It wouldn’t restrict what aircraft people would have to use, it would have a set amount of slots for certain aircraft, it would be like auto balancing.”

It would restrict planes and matches by creating problems in the matchmaker (see bombers around 6.0), setting a certain amount of plane types that can be in game is actively restricting them (you said no restricting), and calling it “auto balancing” is just word play for “restricted matchmaking” just like it is for bomber class planes in lower BRs. Let players decide what/how they want to play their planes. If I want to base strike in a Harrier with no AA armament and we lose, that’s fine. Player choice in action is more important than competitive games, enjoyment over forced actions.

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There wil lbe times of day when MM cant balance teams, like for jm this morning i was the only fighter on my team, which is great, plenty of targets for me in my tempest 6.0, but my team did not live long 😆

And here we are again at the same point as always…

F4S like all Phantoms is a fighter, F5 is a fighter like many other planes at higher tiers used for bombing: F16, F15, J35.
So how restrict them?

It’s the player’s choice to bomb. And the reason for it is the unbalanced reward system. Just players with premium planes like those are most of the time the players with less skill in fighting, and the bunch of youtubers apply to them it’s the best grinder, and guess what…they have success.

If you put the rewards for bombing at the place where it should be, far below the reward for a player kill, there will be a change in teams and playstyle.

Just my 2 cents…

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I’m not saying restricting them depending on if their a fighter or not. I’m talking by their payloads and the type of aircraft they are with turn time and speed.

Multi-roll does not mean fit as much as you can, you can fit air to air or air to ground. Ie when your enemy has been thined out, land and refit for ground attack

What I’m trying to get across is why put in aircraft into a battle that have bombs when the match doesn’t even have that many targets for all the aircraft.

I’m saying is they should have it so people have the chance to do both. Make is so there’s either just enough targets or aircraft so everyone can get a base if they wanted to and to have a equal amount of fighters so one team wont get curb stomped.

Well, i dont know why players are in such a rush to die these days, when they can see what the rest of the team is spawning. I dont get why multi-roll fighters dont win the air war first

You are not gettin the point.

There are so many players only playing AirRB to gain their ressources, they giving a shit on restriction or how the game works. Bombing bases is the most profitable thing in AirRB, so they do nothing else.

The only way to change their behavior is to reward them by playing AirRB the way it’s intended:

  1. Win the battle
  2. Kill players
  3. Bleed tickets
  4. Stay alive

Follow this order and you will see there is no need to bomb, so there is no reason to reward bombing bases more than these 4 things.

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I’m just trying to work with how the game is now cause Gajin isn’t going to be changing rewards anytime soon because everyone is just going to whine cause its not easy anymore.

That’s not true. Gaijin decreased the reward for bombing in the past, but it was not enough.

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This wouldnt work unless you restricted a player’s loadouts. Even if you had some Overwatch-style role mm, someone in a fighter could still just take a bunch of bombs.

When was this last done?

@markimash This is what I mean.

You will never get an equal amount of fighters. Not a good idea.

I do agree that the arb maps need some heavy reworks. The amount of targets is pretty okay as is but they should be spread out more and not focused on the center of the map.

What I feel is the match cant handle the 16v16 that its set to. EC matches seem to handle it a lot better cause its more spread out and more targets.