Air RB's Future and the 2024 Roadmap

As many, including myself have written on here, Air RB, at top tier, needs some work.

Whether thats adjustmemts to the current game mode or a reintroduction of Air RB EC, the mode desperately needs attention.

-The 16 vs 16 team size does not fit the upper BR’s of Air RB. I think it’s okay at the lower BR’s.

-CAS and bombers contribute nothing to the match outcome at the upper tiers.

-Maps desperately need additional airfields to spawn from and additional objectives.

-Upper tier matches end within 5 minutes…

So, Do you think Gaijin’s upcoming 2024 Roadmap will cover any of these issues?


Will the Air RB game mode continue to be just a place to grind vehicles for Ground RB?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!


I hope the roadmap addresses these issues. We also need more spread out objectives across the map, not just in a small area in the middle of the map.


The entirety of Air RB needs a rework IMO. Most of the maps across all BRs are too small to support 16v16, and if Gaijin wants to keep using teams of that size then they need to rework maps to spread players out more. 12v12 was a good size for the maps we have right now, we need to shift to EC-sized maps with multiple forward airfields, or something to that extent, if we want larger teams.

And we desperately need decompression. Desperately. The current state of jet BRs is so horrifically compressed that Korean War-era 8.7s don’t even have to full uptier to fight starfighters, MiG-21s, MiG-19s, and 30G R-60s. And those aircraft are all so low because they full uptier into all aspect 30G missiles and don’t have flares. And those all aspect carriers full uptier into radar missiles and airframes that can pull 12-13Gs easily, IRCCM, and so on. It’s a chain of everyone getting bodied by what’s above them and nobody having fun, while having their attention split between 6 different people engaging them because of huge teams.

But Gaijin’s already said they won’t do 12.7, the cheeky gits, so I doubt anything beyond adding more advanced aircraft and weapon systems, and slight economy improvements, is on the menu.


The amount of players voicing against this in the game. The amount of forum threads and reddit posts should make it a priority number 1.

Yet for some reason we don’t even get a single statement from a moderator.

This change has been implemented outside of a major update and without any changelog or mention. It was a stealth addition without any testing grace period, which is odd.

At this point I am convinced, that this 16v16 nonsence originated from someone who does not play the game but is high up the chain - BVVD - and there is just nothing we or anyone can do about it. The mods are obviously scared of him.

I have just given up on top tier. It’s unplayable. Tried stock F-15 yeah, no thanks. If their reason why they do this crap is to force players to pay, they are mistaken. It just makes me not to play at all.

Bravo Gaijin, bravo. You rather run the game to the ground, than to upset your emperor. SMH


If 16v16 stays, IMO maps should be big enough to have 3-4 different airfields and mandatory random scattering to the winds for all player spawns.


Yeah 16 vs 16 at top tier is a disaster. The only rational reasoning i could see for it is that their servers can’t handle more matches with less players.


We don’t need even larger-sized maps, because that means more wasting time in jets. Going RTB takes too long already; the game is over by the time you take off. Which cuts off the fun when a match goes late-game.

Smaller player counts, same-size or smaller maps.


this is the kind of gameplay we need at top tier:

Not furball clusterfucks


Yeah it all depends on what they plan to change. The current 16 vs 16 could work on the larger EC maps with multiple airfields to spawn from and objectives spread throughout the map (and ideally respawning but thats another thing entirely).

With the current map setup with 1 airfield and no respawns, team size should be reduced at the upper tiers.

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Reduced team size with respawns could be nice option too.


I’ve been saying for years that ARB doesn’t work like this, it’s too chaotic, and it seems like an arcade mode with more realistic controls, when it should be engaging, with various objectives and not a brawl in the center of the map. also with the latest patch the generation gap from 11.3 to 12.3 is absurd, with my MIG-23 the chances of winning a 1vs1 against any f-16, or mig 29, out of 27, f-15, gripen, mirage 4000 are drastically reduced, in terms of radar range, quality of the radar signal, and dogfight performance, it would help a lot to reduce the number of players so that you can concentrate on fewer targets that want to kill you, and perhaps enhance more the objectives that could also being bots but very difficult to kill, almost indistinguishable from a real player in a 1vs1 battle


ARB should not be single spawn either tbh. should work like GRB does. hell, even helicopters could have a space on it.
but not sure we’re ready to discuss this yet…


I completely agree. A spawn point respawn system could add a lot to Air RB, without taking anything away from players.

This along with a team size adjustment dependent on map size, more objectives spread throughout the map and additional airfields to spawn from would be a HUGE improvement to the mode.

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What I would give for Air RB to get split into two gamemodes - Team Deathmatch and Elimination. Lower team size on the former and it’d function similarly to GRB, the latter is what we have now. Maybe TDM could be a one-week-a-month or biweekly weekend thing, IDK. Gonna use an example out of Robocraft here, but when the devs added back Elimination as an LTM mode the entire community loved it, and I think the same could happen here in reverse.