Air RB matches are ending too quickly

Why are ARB matches ending before all the enemy players are destroyed in jet rank games? The games are usually pretty quick as it is. It’s not hard to catch someone climbing to space such as it is in prop games. I can’t see any good reason for it. No time to destroy all the enemy or even finish off the bot attackers. Please don’t make ARB end to ticket bleed. Let us finish the match.

Not that the system works in it’s current way, but I think a good reason for the ticket system is the use for bombers and ground attackers. There would be no other way for those planes to win the game because they aren’t designed for BFM. Take a Tornado GR1/IDS and people who like to play them. Their plane doesn’t stand chance against a F16 or Mig29. Only way for them to win the game is by bombing targets and preform their strike role.

Don’t get me wrong, I also think the current system is flawed but there is a lot more to it than just the ticket system. But I think there should be a way for ground attackers to win the game without killing every single enemy. In the end, if you can’t hunt down the ground striker in your attacker, your doing it wrong and shouldn’t win anyway.

That’s kinda how it used to be. If you killed enough ground targets you could bring down the tickets that way. Now though, the tickets bleed even without and air or ground targets being destroyed. The current system might be okay up to a certain br because some prop players just climb to space and you cannot get to them and they won’t fight. Jets though, you can easily catch those players so no need to end the match prematurely. I keep getting games where theres one or two enemy players left but the game ends before we get the chance to go after them. It’s also taking away the “time played” bonus for rp. Maybe that’s why it’s like this… idk.

Air RB at the upper tiers doesn’t fit anything anymore. It’s a game mode in desperate need of a rework, which makes sense because it’s the oldest mode in the game. But beyond tier 5 and early tier 6 jets, it falls apart.

Ideally, the upper tiers of Air RB should get an additional game mode - Air RB Enduring Confrontation. Gaijin could either copy Sim EC and paste it in with RB mechanics or maybe they could create a new respawn system using spawn points - similar to Ground RB.

Then the current Air RB can be honed in on a true Team Deathmatch. Team sizes could be reduced and auto ticket bleed could be removed.

This way everyone could get a mode that suits their playstyle - whether bomber or fighter. Air RB EC would also open War Thunder aviation up to many new mechanics and vehicles that really wouldn’t be feasible in the current game.

We’ve been begging Gaijin for an Air RB EC mode for years and they haven’t listened so we’ll see what happens but don’t hold your breath.

The other option could be for Gaijin to introduce a PVE mode which could work but it would need a lot of development and a massive overhaul of the game’s AI. There have been some really small signs that Gaijin is working on something but maybe its just rumors.

Unfortunately, Gaijin just doesn’t seem focused on Aviation game modes. Air RB is primarily made for grinding vehicles. Gaijin seems to care most about Ground and for now, Aviation is just a support tree for Ground. Idk if this will ever change in this game.


For many players most of there time spent iis climbimg to position

Yeah top tier air rb needs a rework, it’s also currently not compatible with the modern jets and missiles we have, and even less compatible with what’s to come

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I like the Air RB EC mode idea. Longer matches and more time to get involved in the match would be better than 3 minutes of flying along with 30 seconds of action before everyone on one side or the other is mostly dead then the game ends due to automatic ticket bleed. More than one spawn would be nice as well.
Its a big NOPE on the PvE idea for me though. Especially considering how bad the attempts have been for Helicopter PvE.

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Enduring Confrontation just turns into one team being farmed for kills until all of the players quit.

If you are playing USSR top tier in sim you are getting radar locked almost as soon as you leave the runway.

Most of the people advocating for EC have never really played it, or they are romanticizing over lobbies that are less than 50 percent full.

Sim EC is like a beta designed by one dev during their free time. If Gaijin actually devoted time to EC, they really could introduce mechanics to EC to help stop team wipes. This could include:

  • auto spotting enemies when theyre within a certain radius of your airfield or even within a radius of a base.
    -getting the assistance of AI aircraft when you’re losing past a certain point
    -getting additional airfield aaa if you’re losing past a certain point.

However, Im not really for Gaijin just copy-pasting Sim EC into RB. I would prefer a spawn point system to actually incentivise competitors gameplay and to add strategy to the game, similar to ground RB. And maybe theres reserve aircraft or reserve drones that you can spawn into if you happen to run out of spawn points. Also the 2+ hour gamemode isn’t great. 45 minutes to an hour would be better in my opinion and would help with team retention.

It’s really just a matter of introducing balancing mechanics within the game mode. A better balanced matchmaker could help.

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Yeaaaaaaa… heli PVE is rough lol.

Like everything else said here, it’s really just a matter of how much effort Gaijin puts into development.

PVE could potentially be really good. They would just need to significantly revamp their AI and come up with significantly more interesting and dynamic objectives.

A PVE mode would also allow for a real combined arms mode where at least Air, Heli, and Naval assets could all be present within the same map. Maybe Ground too if Gaijin really shoots for the moon.

It could be good but it just depends on how they would implement it.

As a side note, second Moments of Valor trailer that Gaijin released where a mercenary used a vanguard class submarine and j7’s to attack the chinese may have been teasing some sort of future PVE mode especially with that ending teasing “Operation Rattlesnake”.

The whole scenario of an evil mercenary group which forces all nations to team up to wipe them out is a pretty good, inoffensive scenario for a PVE mode.

This could just be false speculation but that trailer was teasing something. It just may not be as deep as some are hoping it is.

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