Air RB games cannot be 5 minutes long

Over the years, in fact I’d say pretty consistently every year, air RB games have gotten shorter and shorter until now they are in fact seemingly often times shorter than even arcade matches! I don’t have data for this but I am a very seasoned long time player and this is something that bugs me constantly in day to day games. Even down in props games are lasting 5 minutes now at 5.0-6.0 when before it seemed at least to be isolated to top tier games.

What is causing this in your opinion and what do you think we can do to fix it? I personally want to go back to when games were competitive and drawn out.


theres a bunch of people and they’re more competitive. Not much people want a small map, so I think it will stay this way regardless. No reason to be 25 minute matches for no reasons except for the few who want to participate in 1v1 fights which will still likely be third partied.

The games literally end within 2 minutes of first blood. That’s not acceptable to me at the very least. I doubt most of the playerbase would disagree. The games ideally should be 10-15 minutes

This isn’t what my experience feels like. I usually have about 15 minute battles in the 4.0-7.0 (or before jets) range.

Wonder why we have such different experiences

I gotta agree with @MistaFin, no games I play in props ever end that quickly. My battles usually last at least 10 minutes. I couldn’t imagine why your games end so quickly. By the 3-5 minute mark is when I’ve started to actually engage in combat because I side climb for bomber interception most of the time. I honestly can’t recall having a battle be close to over by the time I reach altitude.

I agree with others here that prop games are generally fine in terms of length. I’d personally like to see ticket bleed reduced or removed entirely but other than that I’m fine with it. Jets up to around 10.3 aren’t too bad either, imo. Plenty of drawn out fights and 1v1 situations in my experience.

Past that BR in jets it instantly becomes a singular joust that lasts like 2 minutes, or at least is decided in 2 minutes. The EC maps help a little, but something definitely needs to change. Not a controversial opinion there, of course.

While I do think props are in a good place in terms of match length, I also don’t really see a problem with raising the time limit. It’s rare for me to see a match go to time (honestly happens to me in early jets the most) but it’s usually kind of unsatisfying when it does. However, there are spiteful people out there that just sit on their airfield as the last guy, don’t J out, and don’t take off even though they’re losing. This is really annoying if there’s no bombers or ground attackers left on your team and just a couple of fighters, because it just drags even with the current time limit.

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16 v 16 at all BRs making extreme furball/rush in asap styles much more likely?

Player-base is changing so the game goes with it?