Air RB from BR 7.0 to 8.3 Air spawn America gives big disadvantage to enemy team

Playing AirRB in the range of 7.0 to 8.3 America gets the Majority of planes with air spawn the other team gets demolished off the rip constant F-84F and F-86-26, F-84G-21-RE, and F3D-1 as well as the A2D-1 now if you are on the other side you might have a few Me262 or Sk60 or SAAB-105G/105OE but the majority of the time the American team gets a massive leed on the start and if you play AirRB at around that BR you know exactly what it’s like.
You get F-84s climbing to 5k meters(16,404ft) or 6k meters (19,685ft) usually the amount of air spawn strike planes that America gets over matches the enemy team and I am talking about when America is the only nation on that team.
Why can’t Gaijin make it to where both teams get the same amount of air spawn planes (strike, bomber planes) why hasn’t that even been a thing yet to this day? Just today, I hopped in a 7.7 BR plane and the enemy team was America alone and 3/4 of the team was air spawn and the team I was on there was 3 so against 7 or 8 planes how’s that even a thing? The team I’m on didn’t even have a chance to get height before our team got molested by 10-strike/bomber planes. What is the point of even playing the match?
Gaijin why hasn’t this been worked on making teams with the same amount on each team similar amount of strike planes and a similar amount of bombers so a mirrored team for air spawn planes?
I’m sure many people have come across this same thing when playing AirRB and they end up getting their head stopped in just because of the massive disadvantage.

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It’s because US players are special and they need it …


Back when I played 7.0-9.3 (yes 9.3, not 8.3) with US at least half of the planes on the team would not have airspawn, but the enemy team would at least have most of their planes with airspawn. Sweden was the worst with this with their incredibly low BR missiles - they would always be above our team no matter what. Then as soon as you get to 8.3 the USSR’s air spawns start to be a problem with their OP turnfighters, Mig-19’s, and Mig-21’s.

The F-84’s were given the air spawn because in certain configurations, like for example someone unlocked the ordinance options and not any of the performance options and then put all the bombs on it, it was unable to take off. At least within the length of the runways at that time.

At the time. Now that 7.0+ only has large runways the F-84s are able to take off easily. They should get their airspawn removed.

As someone who plays that BR, it is not fun to have half the enemy team be 3km above you when you’ve just made it to the battle, especially since F-84s are fast in a straight line.

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Exactly what I am saying theres nothing fun about not even having a chance to even climb before you get deleted when a F-84 at 7.0 or 7.7 is already 5,000 meters high and you just maybe hit 3,ooo and have really no speed no deflect a F-84 with already 900km/h to your maybe 500 or 600km/h there’s pretty much no chance if they climb above and then behind your team… game over back to hangar.

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At this era in WT thats not a lie in anyway at all.